Help with DILD

does anyone has tips on how to realize i’m dreaming when my dreams are extremely unrealistic?

i’m never at home or at places i know, i always only remember rapidly changing random places and unknown people. sometimes even just situations i watch from movie angles i can’t interact with.

i can’t realize something is off because everything is off and it changes so quickly. i did got lucid a few times but only with WILD.

Hi,I last saw you when it said you created this account 2 hours ago,so Welcome! :welcome:

While ld’ing can be hard at first(your pfp did say that you only have a few ld’s),it doesn’t mean you wont progress.

My advice is your intention.Ask yourself,"Why did you want to ld in the first place(hover over ld to see what it means!-ld-lucid dream)Then do your technique,WILD might be useful,but it might not be your main method,search the forum for other methods:from MILD to HILD to even GHILD,there is a lot to see!

When you are dreaming,do reality checks throughout the day,these are things to test if you are awake in real life or not:

These could include:

Pinch some part of your body-If it hurts,you’re not dreaming,if it does not hurt,you are dreaming.

Check your surroundings:this is the most common principle I take,if ya wanna ld,ya gotta have a good way to realise.So every hour,do a reality checl,or every few hours during the day and even night if you do not sleep then!WHen i ask to ‘check your surrounding’,check for anything strange…

More rc’s can be found if you search it up in the search engine of ld4all!Or someone can help ya with that.

As you do reality checks,it’ll start leaking to your dreams,which is why it’s one of the basic principles.

-Emperor Thanatos,Emperor Of Armada
(aka -TheAstralDreamer)

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first of all, thank you for the detailed response!
i did forget to say that i’m dreamjournaling and i remember 1-2 dreams ever night even though it’s just some of these random excerpts. and i’m doing 20-40 realitychecks a day because i have a derealization disorder so i feel weird a lot so i got into this habit pretty fast.

but still this has never shown into my dreams because almost nothing ever is even slightly normal. my dreams are just places i don’t know, people i don’t know and a lot of my dreams are more like movies i watch i don’t have a body to interact with the dream. everytime something a little normal happens like i recognize my garden or my room i get lucid but it happens so rarely and everyone seems to have these normal dreams with childhood places or friends i just can’t relate to.

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Alright,thanks for the reply!

What you should try and do is whenever you see a new place,or even go to 1,try and do a reality check.I know you said they don’t leak into your dreams,but you gotta be patient!They say ‘Time is timing!’

If you carry on,with manual intent,and just knowing you’ll get that lucid dream pretty soon.and those reality check(which will surely soon pop up,just be patient!),with all these,they will help you get a lucid dream.

It’s all up to you.If you believe in god,then wonder how god created this world.Or if you aren’t,still wonder how this world was created.And then,know that you created your brain,you developed it.So you are like a god of your brain in a way.


-Be patient with the rc’s,it takes time!

-Make sure you have intent and focus of having an ld

These are the 2 key factors.

Of course,you can also search this forum for more questions and advice,or you can ask us here!We are all here to help!

Ya Boi,(Emperor Thanatos,Aka ~TheAstralDreamer~)
-Commander Of The All,IzPy3ch0c

Welcome to the forum!

Ohh sounds like maybe building mindfulness into WL might help? I’m a MILDer (which is a type of DILD) and I try to ask myself things like this throughout the day: “What am I doing? Why? Does this make sense?” or “Where am I? How did I get here?” If you find yourself doing some nonsense task or can’t remember how you got somewhere, it’s a good indication that you’re dreaming. Make sure to pair this thinking with your reality checks.

If you notice any patterns like recurring objects in your dreams you can try to connect those things to a reality check. It can be a good way to get MILDs. For me, I encounter a lot of water in my dreams,so I (rely on prospective memory to remind me to) do a reality check when I encounter water.
A good reality check is one you remember to do, a better reality check is triggered by something you encounter in your dreams.

So this is a bit of an odd suggestion, but if this is pretty consistent in your dreams I wonder if you could build up a habit/ set the intention of doing a reality check when you encounter an unfamiliar place? Sounds a little convoluted at first because the assumption might be that you’re going to have to visit unfamiliar places a lot in WL to build up this habit, but you don’t necessarily need to travel to do this.
Go with me here. You could find some random images of unfamiliar places, and build up the habit/mindfulness by viewing them and thinking “This is an unfamiliar place, I should do a reality check because this might be a dream” and do a mindful reality check or “When I see an unfamiliar place, I do a reality check.”

I can’t really speak to not having a body to interact with the dream. Infrequently I will have dreams where it’s like I’m playing a video game/watching in third person for a while, but usually I become the character I’m watching after a while, especially if my awareness sets in.

Just my thoughts!

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Hey there,

I’m wondering if you might want to try some autosuggestion / self-hypnosis type of stuff.

A lot of lucidity comes from intent/will in combination with subconscious habit. That’s why reality checks are used in the first place, because they become habitual and programmed into the unconscious and whatever your programming is, is usually what plays out in the dream space.

Personally, I’ve only used reality checks a handful of times to realize lucidity. (And you’ve demonstrated that they have their limitations).

Most of the lucid dreams I have seem to happen simply because I’ve placed so much intention and attention on it.

Maybe you can try meditating for 15 minutes before bedtime, sitting up and becoming relaxed. During this time, repeat to yourself a mantra in your mind about lucid dreaming. Something like “I will have a lucid dream” or really whatever feels good to you and invokes the passion to lucidity. It’s important to also invoke the emotional energy of your deep desire to become lucid while you repeat the mantra.

I think it was Stephen LaBerge (I think lol it could be the other wagoner dude) , who suggested the phrase “The next time I dream, I will remember to notice I am dreaming.” I like this one, but choose one that works for you.

By doing that, you are programming your subconscious to recognize the dream and become ‘aware’. continue with the mantra in your mind as you lay down to fall asleep, and even say it to yourself throughout the day, perhaps during your reality checks.

I swear to god, one afternoon, I achieved 7 lucid dreams in a row after practicing the autosuggestion as I was falling asleep. (Very unusual ! I am not yet an every night lucid dreamer, so this was surprising).

Anyway, I think it could help you as it completely forgoes the need for your dream content to adhere to the conditions that create reality checks.

If you do end up practicing it, I’d love to hear how it goes and if it worked!

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Hey I also just discovered this —
You can also try this, VILD method .

Basically before you fall asleep, you are creating “incubating” the exact dream scenario you desire. I’ve never actually tried this method so I can’t give you tips, however, it seems it could work by you basically creating a dream where there is an obvious opportunity for a reality check.

what is GHILD?