help with increasing the length of a LD?

I seem to be lucky with WILD as whenever i practice i don’t experience any SP and just find myself go into the dream, Last night felt very successful.

during the process i would loss track of counting and sometimes my words would change for example

26… I’m dreaming 27… I’m dreaming… 37 I’m training…

on top of that i would begin seeing scenarios i get involved in for a few seconds snap out and begin counting again.

eventually i will just stop counting and i will be in the dream fully aware, this night i felt no hindrances(heaviness, slow motion, difficulty moving…)
when i entered the dream, i also felt no need to RC as i just knew this was a dream. unfortunately i went into a FA and forgot to RC…

i need to figure out how to remain lucid much longer…

i loss my lucidity even though i feel calm, most often even if my vision goes i will try to recover from spinning and rubbing my hands… but doesn’t always work.
Anyway i would appreciate any advice anyone has, I’m hoping that I’m not actually doing anything wrong but simply need to keep practicing and
in time the lucid state will become more natural and easy to achieve and sustain.

my goal is to have atleast 2-3 lucid dreams a week and reach 30mins, afterwards ill keep pushing it =P

There are some very basic things you can do to stay in a dream. One (and my favorite one) is to rub your hands together. Even if it feels like the dream is completely gone and your rubbing your RL hands, keep rubbing. Another great one is to start spinning around (coupled with rubbing its very effective). Finally, the moment you become lucid, take off yoru clothes. I know it sounds weird, but it helps you become more aware of your dream body, and that’s the key to longer dreams.

Here’s a great article from the knowledge base: Prolonging Lucid Dreams

the taking off your clothes is new to me =P ill try it out next time.

Yeah I was really skeptical about that one, but it works :shrug: . Like I said it’s all about staying in contact with your dream body.

It just takes practice the more you have the longer theyll be after you get use to it, just try to keep a poker face, and not get too excited.