Help with WBTB

Okay, so I have tried the WILD method 15 minutes ago… I just can’t sleep in the day… :sad: ALso I have reached 338, I’m dreaming and I have opened my eyes… I’m with high motivation and I fall asleep very slow, so I will try WBTB method tonight … The only problem is that I. Don’t know how many time to stay awake and what to do when I’m awake…I have to sleep with my grandpa in one bed and I will make an alarm for five hours after sleep… I will have to stay in the bed or go to the WC… I have tablet and I think i can enter in the internet from the bed using Wi-Fi… So… Any help ?[/center]

Well ,the goal is to awake your mind but not your body, so it depends a lot of the person, i usually stay awake for 10-15 mins, but sometimes only 5 mins…

There are many variations of WBTB. You need to experiment and find the amount of time that works for you. You should check out the following post if you haven’t already. Hopefully it will give you some ideas, but remember it is just one way to do it.

How to make sure your WBTB won’t fail

Personally I usually stay awake for around 15 minutes. However, some people stay up for 30 minutes or an hour while others only stay awake for a few minutes. Doing something related to LD’ing while you’re awake, such as reading/writing in your DJ or reading LD4ALL forums may help as well.

Doing some puzzling or playing a game can help activate your brain enough to LD. This can shorten the time that you have to stay awake.