He's been drawing my initials his whole life

which are “LD” We met & he said “It all makes sense now” He believes he is Jesus & that God told him to write a message on a napkin for me. He showed the message to me, neway* It’s a message so honouring no one would ever make it up. neway

I believe I’ve either had an ideomotor effect (which is described by scientists as previously known knowledge revealed through an involuntary movement, that is seemingly unknown) or someone has contacted me, but not in a dream. “I” have written messages…in my journal about lucid dreaming, that it was my destiny, however I knew NOTHING of the subject at the time…

A friend told me the basis of the universe & in the information included hints which lead me to discover lucid dreaming…The first question I asked an expert on lucid dreaming, without previously knowing he WAS an expert, was how to do it…he gave me more hints…

According to the expert, there’s a secret behind lucid dreaming. From what I’ve read, you guys either aren’t revealing it…or don’t…know? I KNOW how to do lucid dreaming, but it takes practice & circumstance.

i feel like i’m in the twilight zone…i just sort of stumbled upon all of this…so…watcha finkin? &…is there an easier way to induce lucid dreams? I have CONTROLLED a dream before, knowing it was a dream, therefore I guess I had a lucid dream…but, someone or something interfered…I was w/ the love of my life & we were in a maze…I put myself ahead of him because I was following him…& I made the next room a bed w/ rose petals on it…the next room WAS bed with rose petals on it…but there was a glass sheet blocking the room…

today i tried to go into my amethyst crystal, and i was dreaming about rugrats talking about amethyst, but i was like “this isn’t what i want!”

i went outside and tried to find out how to do this, and lots of crystals came and i tried to teleport them into my waking life room, because my mind remembered something about how shamans would do that ,

if we’re blocked from something in lucidity it corresponds to our waking life, like a time i tried to force a relationship to happen but in the LD i saw how it would be impossible and terribly hard and not worth it so i gave up on it in WL

the plus side is a fell asleep holding the amethyst in the morning talking to myself and asking it to help me lucid dream.

actually it was weird i anchored my body into dreams and it was strange, i dont’ remember much about it, but a tv was on and i made it turn itself off because it was distracting, but it was different than amethyst dream.

I’m sorry, I’d like to help, but…

I just don’t understand your post.It’s not that I only don’t understand your point, I don’t understand the complete post.

Could you please re-write what you wanted to say, and do it without all those &s, ne and other signs.

About the secret to lucid dreaming.

Well, many lucid dreamers believe there is a secret behind it.Some think LDs are very spiritual…some think we can talk to god through them.

I don’t believe there is anything so big or mysterious behind lucid dreams.

same here, i dont know much of what you are saying, now this person may be an enstranged DC, or possibly a character from your SC.
now, some believe that having LD’s is a way to find the secrets of the world, ways to heal people, i know ive found natural medicines in LD’s that i found were real, or even finding the meaning of life, now i dont know any major secrets about LD’ing, but you can try and find it.

now, i dont believe that controlling a dream is a lucid dream, lucid dreaming in being, quite literatly, conscious while in your dream, walking, seeing, LIVING in a dream, this is what lucid dreaming is to me, now i have controlled my dreams before to unravel like a story before, but i dont consider ths lucid dreaming.

so it didnt seem like you acually had an encounter with god. did you not consider that. (just wandering)

an encounter with god? i will tell u this…the man who believed he was Jesus, believed. believed everything. believed he was Jesus & that this message was from God.

I will admit - I have considered the fact that I have a friend who is experiencing a telepathic situation. Therefore, perhaps the man, and I told him this- was experiencing a similar situation. However, under no circumstances would anyone make up a message so honouring.

I’m afraid i don’t see what’s so honourable in neway…?

I don’t get it sorry, what is this a recount of a dream?

We have to take your word for it on this one. If it did happen, it sounds like quite a fascinating experience. :smile:

One word comes to mind upon reading this, beware this person. If they offer to reveal the secret to you, in any context, no doubt it will involve the exchange of cash for no gain on your part. I’ve seen leaked information from such courses to reveal ‘the secret of dreaming’, they contain nothing more than capitulated suggestions you can find easily yourself by looking around and wild claims which you could make up yourself for no cost.

Maybe, and I do believe some people have ‘a revelation’ and suddenly improve. I don’t believe that revelation can be packaged and handed out though. And I’m simply not prepared to line the pockets of con-merchants to try and get it. True revelation is something you gain for yourself, not purchase for 3 easy payments of 9.99. It’s not like we are alone; there are many people who explain their feelings; for your evaluation, for no fee at all. The end product is only half the achievement, the journey there is as important in my opinion.

Yeah, that sounds like a lucid dream. With the unexpected twist, I’m not overly surprised to hear something like that described. I guess one explanation could be we find it hard to accept all our dreams can come true, just like that, with no strings. We expect at some level something to go wrong.

I think I know the secret on how to LD. I hope this helps.

[Stop trying to dream.)

This explains it better than I can, on how to LD, and how to get rid of doubt.

Also, the guy who acts like he is Jesus, could he maybe of had a lucid dream himself? And/or maybe you met this person in a dream?