Hey all.. any extra advice?

I must say… wow… A friend sent me this site and I must say I am inspired. I have always wanted to be able to control my dreams but I have never been able to… I am ADHD and I have heard a symptom of it can be that you have strange, mixed up dreams which I almost always do. I have been having trouble remembering them lately also. Tonight will be the first time I attempt lucid dreaming… wish me luck! If anyone has any extra tips, please reply to this post.

I got my first lucid dream with WBTB. Its great method which is very easy too.

I do it pretty much like this: Alarm clock 5.00-6.00. Do something lucid related for 10-60 minutes. Eat or drink lucid food/drinks. If i dont get a lucid dream, i at least get a very vivid and enjoyable dream.

You can also try this stuff:

The LDA program in this site.

Hypnotic mp3’s:www.warpmymind.com
(There are lot of hypno tapes, just search for the lucid ones)

Lucid induction mp3: [Free Lucid Induction CD "Download")

Also the subliminal messages program…I post link later

Noone can though guarantee any of those work :razz: but they are worth a try and have induced lucid dreams for people.

Don’t worry everybody has stranged mixed up dreams…that’s what makes them so great :grin: … the best thing for dream recall is a dream journal and you have to really take the time to remember your dreams as soon as you wake up. If you get distracted you’ll be surprised how quickly they disappear

Yeah i agree. If you can’t stand to write notes on morning, at least lie in bed for at least 5 minutes and think about the dreams. When you rethink them, they are “saved” in different part of brains and you should remember them after that. That is the whole point.

Good thing to do is write your dreams on this site!!

Alrighty cool… thanks for the advice guys. :content: I started writing a journal in a text document. I did have a dream last night but I didn’t go lucid… there was a part where I had a feeling of extreme terror and aw at the same time… and I can still remember what that felt like.

Hi Ryft! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

In a first time, the best would be that you increase your dream recall and have a dream journal. Just read the last posts of the BIG Remembering dreams topic in this section. You’ll find the main tips.

Then you should read some threads about MILD, autosuggestion, WBTB, etc. in the “Quest for Lucidity”. Some of them (the BIG topics) are useful. You can find also useful information in the “How” section of the LD4all main page or in the Lucid Dreaming Wikibook. If you have some more questions, feel free to ask them… :smile: