Hey :] I have a question.

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I don’t think I need to keep a dream journal because I could probably remember a dream throughout the whole day, in detail.

But I noticed in my dreams, the scenarios could actually happen in real life. There are no large pink pandas, or cartoon characters, (Well actually there was a monster type thing in one dream a few days ago, but that only appeared once)

And for some reason, I think I’m in a 2nd person view of myself in most dreams, meaning I think i’m someone else following myself during a dream. With that being said, how could I control my dream-self… if i’m not even IN the body of my dream self?

Plus, my dreams are WAY TOO random to have a continuous theme, although I’ve had instances where I was in the same dream area more than once.

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I’m no lucidity expert but the best thing to do is while your awake, probably every hour on the hour, do a few reality checks, eventually you will become used to them and do them in your sleep, i do like 6 different reality checks each time, only takes about half a minute so its not like its going to cut into your lifetime @_@

Cool, I have the same thing! heheh! I remember
everything in detail every day! Except I am really sad I did not keep one in the past (thats cause I’m new to LD myself) because I do remember a lot from years ago, but sadly, not everything :sad: ,
which I knew at the time, but just forgot now

Dream diary is great for discovering dream signs – I guess you don’t remember one month worth of dreams, right?

In my dreams there are no monsters or surreal creatures as well, all seems quite realistic. But I think no one’s dreams are fully realistic, there’s always something twisted or different in dreams: places look different, you’re doing things that you wouldn’t in real life, you have strange feelings (dejà vu is typical feature of my dreams) and so on. There’s always number of things that give dreams away and it’s up to you to pick them up.

You see, that’s an excellent dream sign (the 2nd person view I mean). If you are able to raise your awareness enough, this might be a good lucidity trigger for you.

Don’t worry, that’s normal for some.


:happy: thanks alot hehe.

A LD is the only way to control your actions and your surrounding world in a dream.

Also, viewing yourself from outside is a 3rd person view, not 2nd, and I agree with NL, it can become a powerfull trigger.

Most of my dreams used to be in 3rd person perspective, but that stopped long ago, even before I began LD’ing, now my dream sign is lower gravity, I often have DILD’s by recognizing that.

Dreamsigns if you recognize them, are some of the best ways to LD.

I’m capable of thinking up a dream for myself to dream before I sleep, and it happens 60% of the time. So i sleep, dream what i want, and wake up and remember. Any way I can use this to my own advantage?


You could think of a place or somewhere to be when you fall in to your dream. You could also think of something written on the wall and when you see it in your dream you might become lucid. GoodLuck

This is powerful ability :grin:. Bright_Eyes_Rock had a good idea. Room full of “You are dreaming” writings or something like that will help in getting lucid. I don’t exacly know how are you doing this. But it would be worth to try set dream for something like “I am at landscape and I know that I’m dreaming”.

:happy: is it really a powerful ability?
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Oh and Bright Eyes does rock >.> but anyway,
Yeah, I’ll try that. But watch me read all of it and just disregard it. Haha

Here i’ll explain it more, I really wanted to see my friend again, so i wanted to dream about meeting up with him. So my dream started, I was in my house, and i hear my doorbell. I open the door, and it’s him! (along with some siblings) And he tells me he won this contest or something and he gets to sleep in my house for 4 days, and attend my school. So etc, etc, We go to school together and etc.
POINT: I wanted to see/dream of him, and i did. I did this in the morning though, after waking from the night’s dream.

On the 2nd person thing… I don’t know if you play a lot of games, but if I play any game with a third person view, I tend to see myself in third person view in my dreams as well. At least, in the stuff you see before falling in a deep sleep (not sure about dreams themselves, because back then, I couldn’t remember them. >_< ). Same goes for first person.

I don’t know if it helps, but it could an explanation. :smile:

You might want to look here: ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … light=vild
VILD sounds like the tech for you. Read about it and see if it works for you.

Thank you!!