Hi all New to LD a few questions

Has anyone ever used LD to hand pick the dream they have
(Could i induce a dream about me and Betty White doing 140mph thru the Austrailian outback in a White 2010 Shelby GT500) or is it more about having control of oneself inside the dream?

I heard B vitamins are good for recall and melatonin can make them vivid
(i did have some interesting ones on a nicotine patch once)
also know about chicken and cheese, are there any others?

can white noise at bed time and meditating
be helpful in my search for lucidity as well ?


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Answering in order:

Yes, you can decide the content of a dream beforehand, and it’s called dream incubation: you can look it up on Google, or read this Erin Pavlina article.

There’s chocolate, bananas, milk, pop corn, and a series of other fruits and vegetables that I remember of.

Yes, meditation can be very helpful, as it helps you being aware in general, you can do it in bed to induce a LD :content: (look MIWILD) and white noise can help you detach from the waking sensory experience, allowing for a smoother transition into dreams and dream senses.

Thanxx for the link to that article
really looking forward to trying some of those tips