How can I possibly choose an RC?

Hello LD4All community! This is my first topic - and I thank you for viewing it.
I’ve known about Lucid Dreaming for quite some time (perhaps a year). However, I only started actively trying, and gleaning all the information I can only a few months ago.
I’ve been recording my dreams everyday for just over five weeks to consolidate my dream recall. And although I am much better at recalling dreams, I have noticed something… quite peculiar.
All my dreams seem to be built around memories or thoughts that I have had either in the last few hours of sleeping, or in the day. I also have an iPod touch that is always with me. If it’s not in my pocket, it’s in my hand. I even use it for all my dream recording when I wake up. The thing is, through all the many dreams that I have had for these five weeks, only one ever featured my iPod - and that one was a FA with me recording my dream. If this is true for my dreams, how can I possibly choose an RC? If my iPod doesn’t even come in my dreams (I am very attached to my iPod, being the tech guy I am), what possibly will? I’ve also tried wearing a watch for about a week, and actively checking it, but nothing has materialized.

I am thinking of simply reading about Lucid Dreaming for about two hours before I sleep. But that… seems extreme.
So, does anyone else have dreams of this nature? Any difficulty choosing your personal RC?
Thanks for reading this post. :happy:

It looks like your question should be about DS… RC is just something to check whether you dreaming or not. DS are usually personal and by analyzing your dreams you can find them.

That’s very good, you can use that as a dream sign, but then you need to pay attention on what happens to you that day and in mantra suggest yourself that if you dream about that you will do a RC…

I’ve noticed that things we have constantly next too us doesn’t appear often in dreams, particularly I can say that I had only one case where I also had FA and I was looking at my mobile phone but it was a wrong one and then I realized that I’m dreaming.

It looks like we are “immune” on this kind of things, for example take clothes… We usually don’t pay attention to them because they are normal thing in our lives, and my point is that more unusual things can bring lucidity then usual, in my case at least…

Hope this helps, good luck!

Reality checks don’t have to line up with DS. If there is a common theme, by all means use it, but you can RC any time. The trick with RC’s is to make sure to do them frequently and to always make sure that you seriously question whether you are awake or not. Ask yourself “what was I just doing, how did I get here and does this make sense?”

I would suggest an easier physical RC like pinching your nose and trying to breath or putting a finger through your palm. I would probably avoid RC’s based on things like reading, number and the like. Yes, they can work but they also seem to have a higher rate of failure.

I hope that helped, good luck :content:

I hardly ever get lucid by the same DS, so instead of focussing on doing a RC at a specific moment, I write down all missed DS’s and visualize that the next time I see it or it occurs I’ll realize I’m dreaming. My successful list so far:

  • failing clock
  • trouble reading/writing
  • failing light switch
  • naked in the street
  • old friend from past
  • alien spaceship
  • nucleair bomb
  • false awakening (usually in my old house)
  • trouble running
  • being lost
  • school; forgot to learn exam
  • bird flying away
  • phone doesnt work
  • ‘this better be a dream’ moments, when something FUBAR occurs

I hope you get the point :wink:

I think I’ve read somewhere that RC’s such as remembering how you got to the position you’re in at the moment could fail, as your dreams could have put false memories into your mind. (I think I read it in a topic about expanding time in dreams.) I just stick to purely physical RC’s, such as nose-plugging. :content:

Toast, you’re right, as an RC that wouldn’t work very well. I’m not talking about an RC, however. I am talking about a state of mind. Those are the kinds of things you should ask while doing an RC. The point is to be aware of where you are and what you are doing during the day so that the awareness will transfer into dreams. Here, I suggest you read this article, The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers.

If you still don’t believe me, talk to Wyvern who trained his awareness to the point he is constantly lucid in dreams :content:

Yea I advise that you stay away from the mirror RC if you were afraid of the Bloody Mary urban legend as a kid or if you’ve seen one too many scary movies involving disturbing scenes with mirrors. :down: I may have summoned and faced Bloody Mary in an LD when I was first informed about LDs ,5 yrs ago :mirror: ( Dont know what I was thinking). I still dont understand…I can have countless LDs involving encounters with Jason, Leather face, Mike Myers, the grudge, the girl from The Ring, Chucky, IT, Hellraiser, ghosts, zombies, demons and Freddy Kruger all day without a problem…But I dont get how a mirror can break my concentration so easily even after facing Bloody Mary :eh: