How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II

I Cant imagine been anyone else??? Try it

I learned to lucid dream by following the techniques outlined in Stephen Laberge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

I learned by reading Stephen LeBerge books.

I tried all kinds of methods and did constant reality checks, all that I learned off the internet. Nothing worked.

My first lucid dream was during a lucid holiday and from a blind assumption that I was dreaming, I didn’t even do any reality checks because I already felt rather lucid (and lazy).

People in my school had always talked about it.
I listened to them but i never really thought it was true, until i found a self meditation lucid dreaming track on itunes.
Then i started to read about it on wikipedia and then i found this website!

I was surfing on the Internet on dromen (dreaming) and I came on the Wikipedia dromen topic (dreaming) and I read the whole page about this topic. So I also read the lucide dromen (lucid dreaming) topic. And the next what I did was searching about lucide dromen(lucid dreaming) on the Internet. And I came on the Dutch forum of ld4all. Yes I,m Dutch :wink:

I randomly got an on-and-off interest for lucid dreaming a couple of years ago, meaning that I read a lot about it at times, but I’ve always been too lazy to bother actually trying reality checks and methods and such (except for once when I did some kind of WILD thing). So when I’ve had lucid dreams, it’s been sheer luck and/or because I’ve been reading and thinking so much about it lately.

The path for me was rather hard actually, it took me a few weeks to a few months to have my first real lucid dream. When I was a young child I had them, but the I stopped myself having them (long story but the short is one of the lucid dreams scared me as a child and as I didn’t understand I avoid doing it. … funny way to look at it)

The hard part: for me it was WILD- and although I learned to use this later, it is very very hard for me to do. I struggle falling asleep at the best of times, and with aWILD I would not get any sleep at all.

Pros: being a light sleeper, it was easy to recall my dreams upon awakening, and I woke up a lot. That lead to a lot of WB2B methods, which worked in my later skill set, but to start with I kept trying to WILD which did not work. For it was all about DILD, and RC.

The biggest PRO was my desire, and focus. I spent a lot of time on this board, anda lot of time thinking about what it would be like and a lot of energy trying to make it happen. my general goal was a RC every time I looked at my watch and at least one every half an hour.

My first lucid dream came as a shock to me, lasted about…15 seconds, and I could do almost nothing special other than realise it was a dream, I recall changing what was inside a draw (one object to another) which formed part of my RC, and then pushing my hand through a wall.

From that point forwards I was hooked, as I finally understood what it was all about. I forced my consciousness into my dreams and went from LDing once every few weeks, to every few days, then to multiple times a night.

The recall for me was one of the most amazing transformations though. When I first started, it would be about 3 lines of text. At the height of my recall I could write 10 a4 pages in detail. And to this day, when I look over the first few sentences in the journal, it comes back to me in an amazing way, like no other memory. And the better I became at my recall, the better my lucid dreams became, the stronger my desire to proceed and the more emotion I carried with me, which ofcourse fed itself into an amazing experience. Limitless.

Then I stopped trying. For years they would come nightly anyway, then weekly, then my recall faded but I still have them on part. The energy has never really gone away and now I am back, its been about 10 years, funny how things work out.

So in short, focus was key, RC was key and Dream Recall was nothing short of essential. Also learn what doesn’t work for you, and then put your energy into what does until you get good at that, then re focus on other areas, and it will benefit you all around.

Happy Dreaming.

How did I learn to have LD’s on purpose :neutral:

It took more than a year :happy: I had LD’s even when I was a child, about five or sixs years old. When I was about 17 I read about lucid dreaming and was immediately fascinated by the idea to train to have LD’s!
I’m a impatient and stubborn person. First step was to figure out which RC will work. Even that took a few months after I saw that the one with the nose works the best. Now I need no other RC, this only one works perfectly :smile:
After that I tried many techniques to indicate an LD or to enhance the chance to have one - WBTB and WILD, FILD, just everything I tried at least once, tried to figure out my dream signs, failed at recognizing, didn’t fall alseep at all or had a lot of bad dreams…
Now, finally, years after training I made it to controll WILD-technique almost perfectly. Now I can fall asleep in the morning or afternoon, I just have to keep in mind: “I’ll dream lucid when I’m dreaming!” and wake up in a dream, lucid at once.
What helped me to get to this point was also the DEILD-technique and something what’s called iWILD. To spend time here helps me lucid dreaming too because I think a lot about LD’s when I’m awake :smile:
I read several books, Stepehn LaBerg’s book of course too and a German one what was really, really cool because it wasn’t only about LD’s and how to get them, no, it even explained a lot about dreaming, how other cultures treat their dreams, what science think dreams are and what you can do in your LD’s, like transfiguration, superpowers, flying and a lot more :happy: Everything was in detail, with reports of other dreamers and preparation.
Yes, I guess that’s it. It took me a while to learn it and I broke up several times because I’m so impatient but it was worth all the time :happy: Now I can use my dreams for my creative work :grin:

For me, initially attaining lucidity and dream control was a lot like how I learned to swim. Falling into the pool and forced to either sink or swim.

I do not control it yet, I’ve had one lucid dream. But I have a question about this. When you practice WBTB and after a while you stop setting an alarm at night, will you still get lucid dreams?

Can you get a lucid dream without WBTB? Yes. Can you WBTB without an alarm? Yes. WBTB increases your chances of becoming lucid and works with any technique, so why not do it whenever you can.

Right thanks! I’ll do it tonight then :smile:

I simply found a video and got extremely interested! :cool:

I credit poor sleep habits and regular sleep paralysis starting as a teenager. I had ample opportunity to figure it out.

First I read on the Internet about lucid dreams.Then I began to read Stephen Laberge’s books. Became write a dreams journal. In 4 months I dreamed of the first LD.
The method of “interrupted dream” worked.

Bro i needed 2 month to get my first lucid dream :happy:
I first came in contact with this whole thing with inception.
Like … everybody I think :happy: !

I read a lot of books. Spent nights in the internet reading articles and beeing in panels. I took a lot of time to get my first LD but it was worth the effort :happy:

Articles, videos, forums, etc., perusing various internet sources and gathering as much information as I could on the subject.

hey, new here, still a virgin tho :sad:
Ive been trying for a few months and nothing, I do know a lot of times that Im in a dream, but cant get lucid.
any pointers are welcomed. glgl