How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II

Um, honestly…

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I stalked and studied the hell out of wyvern :razz:

I’ve always managed to LD… I don’t know why - it’s a rare thing to have a normal dream for me o.o

Haven’t quite learned LD’ing yet… Sometimes I’ve lost the hope of succeeding properly. I’ve had a few LD’s through dream signs but I haven’t learned WILD yet.

Learned online, through dreamviews and some more resources :smile:

Well, I’ve always have had lucid dreams since I was 3-4. I have a very good memory IWL, and asleep. :smile: It’s like supernatural, it’s not even funny. So anyways, I remember one night when I was 2 I woke up from a bad dream and I knew it was a dream but I couldn’t do anything and I just went to my parents room. One of my first LD’s was when I was 5/6 and I had a dream about the grim reaper being at my window and later I became lucid and ended the dream, so I vowed that my next nightmare about him I would know, so I had a nightmare about him when I was 6/7 and I knew it and so I saw him and tried to run away but my SC glued me to the ground and I had to sit there and watch him. I was only 7, so I had like no control.
Anyways, a few years ago my brother was talking about how people control their dreams by doing methods to fall asleep and be aware etc . and it sounded familiar and he called it lucid dreaming so I googled it last year around this time :smile: almost exactly a year ago and started.


I had a couple of spontaneous LDs and went online looking for info. I use some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned hear and from reading a couple of books, and right now have about 4 a month or so, but it feels like I’m on the verge of learning to have more.

There was an episode of the 90’s TV show Northern Exposure about a character (Chris) who has lucid dreams. I did some research to find out if it was a real thing, which led me to Stephen Laberge’s books. That same day, I went to my university library and devoured “Lucid Dreaming.”

My first lucid dream was when I was only 5 or 6 years old, and I still remember it today.

It was a repetitive dream where I would fall into a black abyss. I was always so scared, but after the fourth time I knew I was dreaming, and I was calm. I never had this dream again.

Reality checks, recording dreams, and WBTB + WILD

I actually didn’t know about LD, then i heard a friend of mine talk about it. i made some research and found this forum and that’s when i confirmed that i’ve been having LDs for a few months now.

I’ve always wanted to be able to control my dreams… but I never knew I could do it so directly, while actually inside the dream… So after a quick google search of “how to control your dreams” I found out about lucid dreaming on Wikihow. This, of course lead to more in depth google searching and I found dreamviews and ld4all. I also found Stephen LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (online), and had my first few LD’s.

google also helped me :happy:

I had seen the amazing film Waking Life, and one night in my dream flipped a light switch just like he does in the movie - I did a reality check in a dream without even knowing what one was yet! Thats how I became lucid the first time, and since then have been studying any literature/video I can get my hands on.

My first LD was before I even knew what they were, or that they were a thing. I was maybe seven, eight, something like that. I dreamed I was with my Dad, we were in something that was either a bank or a dry-cleaner’s, I was waiting and waiting and waiting for him to get done, I was bored. And I knew I was dreaming. And I was bored. So I tried to wake up in order to get out of the boring, boring dream. I couldn’t figure out how, though. I tried opening my eyes really wide, in hopes that would cause my body’s eyes to open, but it didn’t. I just had to wait the dream out.

Sometime in high school I found out lucid dreaming and astral projection as things you might actually try to do–don’t recall whether it was first through books or first through online communities (I had a Prodigy account in I think 1992, there was an OBE discussion group somehow categorized under “Books”) and I remembered that dream, and I thought, “Jeez! Wasted opportunity!”

I wouldn’t say I’ve “learned” to LD. Every time I have one, it’s always random, and almost never triggered by anything in the dream. It’s pretty much always, “Hey, you know what? This is a dream!” But they have certainly happened more frequently since I decided I wanted to have them and began paying special attention to them when they showed up.

Oh, hooray, someone else who saw that movie! High five! It was fantastic and also a little creepy. Between its animation style and its surreality, it’s sort of mixed up in my head with A Scanner Darkly though.

the first time i realized lucid dreaming was actually a thing was when i was in 2nd grade girl scouts and we were supposed to draw a picture of a dream. i proceeded to tell my leaders how i can control my dreams, and they told me i was lying. some years later someone told me the name of this phenomena.

lucid dreaming has always came fairly naturally to me, so its eye opening to stumble upon this site and see people working for it and wanting to accomplish it.

i would be lucid in dreams frequently throughout my life. I didnt know there was a name for it at the time. When i was about 18 or so this kid was reading a book and talking about it and I took a look at the book. It talked about a technique where you count backward in your head from 10 to 1 then forward from 1 to ten while visualizing the numbers as you go. I tried it and it worked. ever since then i can go off into dreamland whenever the time is right

[i]im having problmes with recall ,about a month a go i was fillings pages in my journal but now i struggle to fill a page and when i do its only every second night

can anyone help me out with some tips ? :cool: [/i][/list]

Check out Improving Dream Recall. There is also the big remembering dreams topic in the stuff forum.

Well, after typing “controlling dreams” on google and finding out websites, I spend days reading about it, if not weeks. I said that I should really try it and I did. I started to do RCs, being more aware of stuff, writing down dreams and what starters do to get a lucid. After like 3 months I think of no success I give up. In like a week from that I get my first LD and I got extremely excited then I joined all kind of forums and then I got persistent with it. It’s been like a year and a month now since I started LDing and with 57 lucids, I say I’m doing quite good. Considering that I do nothing to get them… just writing dreams down. I should really really start doing ADA or something… jesus.