how do YOU meditate?

Hi Seeuzin, welcome to the forum!

I found your guide on meditation pretty good. Practising meditation for some time myself I do have a few points I want to comment on though …

This is just a stage of trance. When your body is not yet fully asleep, you can already be in a trance. First your body gets very relaxed, this is light trance. Then you lose body feelings, the external senses drop away, etc, all the way to body full asleep (which I would call deep trance).

What does it mean to have an entranced mind? Does it do something with your consciousness? Actually mind and consciousness (as you probably know) are 2 different things, consciousness being the eternal witness and mind being the thinker, the chattering voice. Does an entranced mind mean to you that you silence this inner voice?

This is exactly what happens when you do the WILD technique, which is one of the reasons that meditation can help us get LD’s!

The goal of meditation should not be to block the mind. It should be to learn to be aware that you are the inner eternal witness (not the mind) and that you can use the mind as a tool. If you are very advanced in this, you do not need to stop the mind, it stops by itself. Meanwhile, do not try to force the mind into silence, for that will work counterproductive. Witness the mind first, and then gentrly subdue it into silence. Keep being aware that you are not the mind. Silence will come by practise.

Thanks for your feedback on my guide, Xetrov. :content: I had been looking for feedback on how to make it better and really appreciate it. I will take out the part about blocking your thoughts; it is from my original draft which I made in 2003 (I practiced meditation for a bit and then stopped and only restarted in November.) In 2003 I practiced more blocking of thoughts; now I do more witnessing of my breath and just trying not to follow my thoughts. I’ve edited my post.

As far as asking what the mind and consciousness are, those are things I haven’t even begun to try and figure out; when I say “mind” I simply mean the component of myself that is not my body. :razz: So I appreciate you giving me those definitions. It sounds like a topic that many different people would have lots of different opinions on, though, so until I get an idea as to what I personally think about it, I think I’m gonna leave the guide as it is in that part.

Much like me. More compilcated then that I agree, yet so easy. It beats trying to learn from a book. Thats like learning how to masturbate from instructional videos.

If I meditate I get awake from it. So I mostly don’t do it for I go to sleep. But not always I get a lot of energie from it. Maybe because I’m loading myself (unaware)

I sit in lotus and I try to think about nothing, or just one thing. I let come the thought. What gives me much energy is just sitting in lotus, close my eyes. And than the alfabet comes in front of my eyes by. When I do that I have more energy. At least it feels like that.

I prefer to meditate on the beach by the see, when almost nobody is there. But that doesn’t happen often. It’s seldom actually for me. But on the gras outside, in our garden is alright too. Under my favorite tree :smile: Or just on my bed.

I read the post from Seeuzin later cause it’s very long and I have to go now. But I found it very interesting.

Has anybody tried the Twin Hearts Meditation technique? Some say it’s advanced some say not. It seems relatively simple. Anybody done it successfully?

I’m not really talking about self-hypnosis…I tryed that once and it scared the crap outta me. :eek:

Self hypnosis could be meditation…but I think that meditation can be anything that makes you feel calm, peeaceful, and refreshed. Praying can be meditation in my book :wink: Praying, yoga, stuff like that :smile:

Anamacra wath is the Twin Hearts Meditation technique??

I was just thinking that last night Dreamer_chic. Some one asked me how often I meditate and I said only a few times over a month but I pray everynight. I just say thank you, almost like a mantra and try to make sure I say it with all my heart but sometimes I get distracted by other thoughts so I have to bring myself back and try to make it the one clear thought I have. Sound like meditation?
Sorry MorMor I was writing this as you posted. It seems a very simple meditation where you focus on your Crown and heart chakras and ground yourself with the earth and send it loving energy. It apparently heightens your awarness pretty well. Do a search and you’ll find the steps or I’ll try to get the one I found.

First, I either sit or lay down, I personally don’t think it matters so long as your comfortable.

I see myself walking down a worn path through the woods.
I then picture myself sitting in a small clearing in the dense green forest. I see myself in front of large semi-translucent white marble double doors. The doors are just open far enough to pour this brilliant white light over me. I imagine this light is the “energy” stored deep inside me, for the forest represents my mind and body. This “energy” contains wisdom, powers of self healing, and I also imagine It contains the knowledge of hidden abilities I may possess within myself. I sit and bask in the light and feel the warmth of peace flow over and through me.

When I feel I am ready to leave (if not interrupted) I stand and walk back down the path from where I came.

I usually don’t do this right before I lay down for the night, but try to make a little time during the day.

So you don’t think laying down to meditate is a problem? That’s how I prefer it too but everything always says No you need to be sitting up with your back straight etc… I end up worrying about how I’m sitting or just uncomfortable.

In my opinion, I don’t think it matters which position you are in. Sometimes I’ll do it sitting straight up, but mostly laying down. It just depends on what makes me more comfortable at the time.

Some say it matters but personaly whichever position I am in I still get the same outcome as in a differant position. But thats just me, and maybe i’m wierd.
I’m sure everyone can agree however that you won’t be very succesful if your moving around alot and repositioning trying to get comfortable the whole time.

So try it “your” way first, and see if it works for you. If not then experiment untill you feel happy with the results. Hope this helped. :smile:

Yes it did :smile: Thanks for responding. (I was doing it anyway but hard to defend when I don’t know much about it)

Im basically new at this. Meditation seems to be a great thing to learn how to do. It seems that meditation can be very simple to do or very complex. Depends on your view of it. What I would like to do is find a place that can train me on the proper ways to meditate because there are so many ways to meditate. Maybe I dont even need to get trained on meditation maybe all I need to do is just relax and meditate.

I had this same thought Nice Dream and found a couple of yoga places but they are expensive. There’s some good meditative techniques on the web. I found the twin hearts technique and a few others but I started with books. Maybe when I have the money to spare I’ll do the yoga but books are good for now

It’s a good question and one i always felt silly for not really not really knowing. It’s so simple that it seems like there must be there to it - reading this thread has been very helpful, so thankyou everyone.

In the past i have been known to use the very popular “lying down and falling asleep” method…

Ahhh yes, me too. One of m favorites actually

Yeah, I was wondering /how/ to meditate…Yeah, just give me some methods I could use in bed before sleep…

The answer is here

That looks like a great topic but the thing is I would rather go to a class on meditation than to learn over the web site. Maybe the web site is enough to learn but im not sure. Im going to take a look at the site though Fadem. Thanks for posting the site.

To Shortcuts of Lucidity! :razz: Well, shortcut…

Long-term zazen is said to cause LDs. (There was some stuff about it on the dutch forum if I remember correctly :razz: )