How is LD in your language?

Which one is lucid and which one is dream?
Let me guess, Al-Wadeh, is the dream?
Or maybe it’s the otherway around! :content: dunno!

White Mage Cid, I think the proper Norwegian term is “klare drømmer” :cool: But I often think “LD” if I am thinking about it…i don’t have any expression for it if we are discussing it. Inside our family it is just “when you know you are dreaming”

What a cool thread. :smile:
I love linguistics, and its nice to learn something new. I’m pretty sure I only knew like two of these translations before I read this.

Swedish: Klardröm

means “clear dream”

(I’m not sure about lucid in my language so I’ll just use waking instead.)

Waking Dream: Gising na panaginip

The old topic is here How is LD in your language?
I searched for dromen :tongue: :moogle:

I seem to remember we had a topic like this before but I can’t locate it since the search feature disables lucid and dreams (otherwise there are too many results :tongue:)

so, please tell how lucid dreams is called in your language, and if possible explain the meaning.

in dutch: lucide dromen. (lucide = lucid, dromen = dreams)
another less used term is “helder dromen” helder=clear

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In German: Luzide Träume (Luzide = Lucid; Träume = Dreams) but most people say “Klarträumen”, what more or less means “Clear dreaming” :razz:.


In Sweden the most often used word is “Klardrömmar” wich equalls to something like “Clear dreams”.

An another less used term is “Lucida Drömmar” (Wich i think most europeans here can clearly figure out what the first word is in English).


I don’t know if this counts, but in my constructed language, Kaadin, lucid dreams are called “lucae [lucid] nociers [dreams], Lucae Nociers”

Well, not just the first, hehe. Anyway, thanks, I was looking for the Swedish word since I’m learning the language. Sadly, Lucid Dream in all the languages I know (English, Dutch, German and a bit of Swedish) has already been covered. :stuck_out_tongue:

In leet it would be “|||(117 171234//\5” which translates directly to English as “lucid dreams”. :tongue:

Q is this the topic you are thinking about: click me

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Technically, I don’t know how do you call lucid dreaming in here (Czech Republic). I don’t know if enyone even lucid dreams here other then me.
Well, most certainly there are no sites about LDing, so when I talked to my friends about lucid dreaming, I just said “Lucidní snění”, where Lucidní is an adjective of “Lucid” (a word which we don’t use here. There are some translations, but none appeared too good here) and snění is just dreaming. Sen means (a) dream and snění is present “dreaming”. “Snít” is an infinitive of dreaming.

EDIT: Oh cool! The one who made the last topic is Czech, too. I should contact her.

In romanian it’s called ‘vis lucid’ :content:

in Hebrew
Lucid Dream = Halom Zalul
Halom - Dream
Zalul - Lucid

In japanese: meisekimu :smile:

In portuguese: “sonho lúcido” :smile:

in Filipino (Visayan) there’s a word for lucidity, as in easy to understand: ‘kaamag’ or you could say ‘kasanag’. i don’t think many people use these words any more.

I wrote that in japanese lucid dream is meisekimu. Here are the characters: (if your computer can read them :wink: ) 明晰夢

lucidan san…l
or in plural:
lucidni snovi.