How it began....

Growing up I could remember my dreams all the time. Some were great and others scary. I always dream them in color which made them seem so real. I never knew I could become lucid in one!!

Then one day I was about 14 and going through a really hard time. I had lost a loved one. I laid down on my bed with the light on. I never intended to go to sleep… I’m pretty sure I did WILD…?

I remember seeing these little spots/dots and I kept watching them and following them. Then I was in a dream state and I knew it was a dream… I saw my loved one and interacted with them. I felt extreme happiness!

This seemed to go on forever. And then I was woke up by something. I thought it was the greatest thing! It made me feel a lot better about the situation I was going through. :smile:

Ever since then I could go into lucid dreams. I know yall are going to think I’m weird but I would follow these shapes spots/dots… And come to a clearing. In the clearing there are two big trees. Both have doors in them. The one on the left was plain sleep and the one on the right was lucid sleep. So if I walked through the one on the right I would walk right into my little lucid world I guess you would say…

I know this sounds crazy but I was curious if anyone else did something like this…?

Now that I’m older (24) I find it harder to lucid dream but I haven’t really tried in so long. But I’m really excited about getting back into it!! :grin:

Wow that sounds very cool :cool_laugh: And yes it does sound like WILD. So you got that clearing every night? and you could choose to be lucid the entire night? The thing you do sounds a bit like VILD
you can go here and read about VILD -> [The BIG VILD Topic - Part I)

Oh, and hi and welcome to ld4all :wave: :smile:

Thanks Jarod!! :smile:

I don’t know much about this stuff but I will check out the link!!

Oh, and I haven’t done this in years. But like I said I’m going to try.

And sometimes in my dreams now I realize it is a dream and right when I do I wake up. It makes me so mad b/c I was so close to being lucid… :confused: Oh well… I guess it will come back with time. :wink:

Beginners usually wake up as soon as they realise they are dreaming. You aren’t a beginner but I suppose it has to do with not experiencing that many lucid dreams in a while. But with pratice they will get longer :cool:

I think it may have a lot to do with stress. And really being tired when I do go to sleep.

My work is kinda stressful and it’s hard to keep my mind off things like that. So, I’m going to start trying to lucid dream on weekends and see if that helps! :wink: