How to acheive early lucidity?

I don’t say that I was lucid for at least one moment in my dreams, but at the last seconds of some latest dreams I started to reason:
A man disassembles a grenade and starts discussing (maybe with me) how it works and I start to talk back what I think about explosives.
The reasoning comes only at the last seconds of my dreams. One time I fell asleep inside a dream and started imagining things, then I woke up continuing the imagining part.

What it does, it wakes my reasoning part first so I remember dreams much better then before, maybe it’s because the first thing I do when I wake up is still think about dreams. I think I get fairly close to being lucid, but dreams just finish the same second I do that.

How do I start thinking earlier in my dreams? Without thinking I can’t really become lucid, or I have to just mindlessly do RC 's all day to do them inside dreams without even thinking.

It seems to me like Lucid Living or All Day Awareness might be the thing for you. See, we usually go through the day relatively unaware of our surroundings. Through the use of LL and AC’s (Awareness Checks), we are able to maintain a state of constant awareness that echoes into your dreams.

I agree that LL would help you out. There is a topic about it here if you’re interested.

What helped me initially induce more LD’s was taking more care with my DJ. When you write down your dreams, try to think through and logically piece together the events. Often you won’t be able to completely, but over time you’ll be able to recall more details and place them in the context of the dream. You will then start to try and logically deduce what is going on while in dreams. If you already have decent dream recall, I think this is a good first step towards obtaining more logical thinking in dreams :smile:.