How to Find the Best Time For WILD

I’ve been saying this in quite a bit of my posts, so I’ll make a new thread about it so everyone can see.

A lot of people are complaining that they can’t get WILDs, even when doing the technique correctly. This, in my experience is due to 2 very big reasons.

The first one is, that you’re not doing it far enough into the night. If you do it at 3 a.m, you’re gonna have a lower chance of success then if you try at 6 a.m, but dont try too late.

The second one is that you’re not WILDing during when your REM stages are supposed to be. What I find the best way to find it is this:
1.Find a consistent time that you can to bed to every night.
2.Set your alarm clock to about 8 hours later, or if you sleep less 8 hours or less, try to set it to about 3/4-4/5 through the night. This should give you a good time during the night to get an LD.
3.To find the REM stage:Say you set your alarm clock to 5 a.m, you try WILDing and it doesnt work. Go to sleep, then the next day set your alarm clock to 5:10 a.m. If that doesnt work, keep on going 10 minutes later each day until you go through about an hour, which is the average length of a REM stage at that time. If you still can’t get one, the problem is in your technique, and you should read some more guides.

Good luck on your quest to achieving more consistent WILDs! Hope my short guide helped.

Good detailed guide! Definitely helpful for people having trouble with WILDs.

I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but in my experience no matter how long I’ve been sleeping I can get a WILD as long as I keep my body still while waking up. This keeps my body asleep and allows me to easily enter SP then WILD. It just took me a while to get in the habit of staying still while waking up. I also don’t use an alarm clock because it would most likely startle me so much that the adrenaline would make me not tired.

My problem is that i say,“I’m to tired to WILD,” and before i even start i have the utmost urge to rollover. And even if i do start i fall asleep fast.

I’d agree with pretty much everything except the time. 8 hours is actually a bit too long for me, I tend to have better success at 5-6. But that’s the thing with WILD, everyone needs to adapt it for their own use (which is also why I don’t like a lot of the guides out there :razz:).

@Rhett: Falling asleep quickly can actually be a bit of a blessing. If you can do things such as visualizing a dream or counting coupled with falling asleep quickly, your chances may actually go up :content:

I often have the same problem as Rhett. Tiredness gets the better of me :happy:

Thing is, I set my alarm to 4:30 am, and sleep at about 10.30/11, but I naturally wake before the alarm at about 4:00 (the alarm is pretty much a fail safe). Is doing a WILD when you naturally wake a good time?

Actually WILD is even better when you wake up naturally. In fact, if you can train yourself not to move when you wake up naturally like that, you could perform a DEILD which works pretty much the same but is significantly faster than WILD. Just stay still (you will have some relatively strong roll over signals) and keep reminding yourself that you’re dreaming.

Here is the link to the DEILD topic

Ahh, brilliant, thanks for that! I will definitely try a DEILD. Maybe I’ll finally have my first LD!

I tried a WILD just for the hell of it this afternoon with some binaural beats (read a few places that an afternoon nap is a good time for a WILD) – and I was in hypnagogia, but of course I had a massive hypnic jerk - similar to when you get jolted by a defibrillator - and it sent me straight back to just-laid-down-consciousness.

I guess a DEILD would be best. :happy: