How to fit Lucid Dreaming Rituals into weekdays?

Small intro: I’m new and jus joined this forum. But I’m one month into lucid dreaming.

And a few questions, but I would like anyone to read the whole thing first to understand what situation I’m in before posting an answer so that I can get useful ones! :wink:

Basically, at the start of december, and after 1 week,I had experienced my first lucid dream (although I woke up almost immediately).
And… 2 weeks into LD I had many LDs. So far I counted 13.

I usually use the NILD technique, or more people are familiar with the term WBTB.

But now the new year has started and the holidays are over, and I have to wake up much earlier (usually before the sun rises). I hardly have time for my rituals. How should I go about?

And, (explaining the long story), am I making too much progress in the first stages? Because after just 3 or 4 days, I could write roughly 500 words of dreams each morning.
I hope I don’t go bonkers over taxing my mind! :eh:

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Firstly, 2 weeks and 13 LDs… :eek: Wow! Congrats :tongue: I’m jelous :wink:

No such thing as too much progress :tongue: Its fantasic that you can write 500 words on a dream, some people have a good natural ability to recall dreams, others have to train themselves :wallhit:

As for your problem, Im not sure on what you could do. Is it the fact that you dont think you will be able to do WBTB? or you wont have any time to record your dreams?

Again, welcome, and enjoy your stay :smile:

er ya, not only can i not do the WBTB method for the fear of lack of sleep, I also have to rush to school in the morn so I have no time to write my dreams…

Earliest I can get is probably recess which is 4-5 hrs after I wake…

Oh, and i meant after two weeks, the NEXT 2 weeks had 13 lucid dreams…

Here’s what I am doing during the weekdays, and I think it makes sense:

Take whatever time you go to sleep, subtract 1 hour and 30 minutes from it. Go to sleep then. Set your alarm (or, internal alarm is easier so you dont have to reset your alarm) for 1 hour and 30 minutes earlier. That way, you get the same amount of sleep, but can try to NILD. I’ve found NILDing to be done best after I’ve gotten my nights sleep. You may also want to turn on lights to get the wakey-time (seratonin?) thing to start being created. It seems to me that the best way to LD is when you have the perfect balance of seratonin and melanomin (haha you know what I mean), although who knows what that exactl is.

well thanx for the tip, but still young in a way, and I only sleep about an average 7hrs and a few minutes more a night. If I were to do what u said, then well… would mean only about 6hrs and a half a night since u need to stay up at least half an hour to an hour before u go back to sleep. Plus the sleep will be fragmented, in a way…

Oh and is MILD enough? Seems that if i dont do NILD/WBTB, almost nil chance of getting a lucid dream.

PS: NILD/WBTB combined with MILD is really great! VERY high chance of lucid dreaming, especially if you already have good dream recall…

Actually, this is not a necessity; the time people spend awake while performing WBTB (or NILDing, if you prefer) varies depending on preference, and can be anywhere from no time at all to an hour, typically. Usually, some experimentation is necessary to determine the amount of time that works best for you. If you’re worried about missing sleep, you might want to try going right back to bed after waking yourself up, and skipping the thirty minutes spent awake that you’ve usually been doing.

Also, it’s quite possible to perform MILD without using WBTB; I myself have gotten some good LDs this way when I was in exactly the same situation you are (wanting to get enough sleep, having to wake up early for school, etc.). These days, I tend to do WBTB whenever I get enough sleep, because I rarely get the chance. My school is a tad on the insane side. :sad:

Best way to record dreams if you dont have time to write them down is to buy a little tape recorder and on your way to school just record them. I do it every morning and then write them down when I get home. its also good for when you wake up in the middle of the night to have a something to record dreams on quickly so you dont wake up to much. And I understand and sympathize with your dilimma because I have the same problem. but as I think was said earlier just go to bed earlier if you can. And my last tip is to utilize your weekends :tongue: because I can almost guarentee myself at least 2 a week by using my weekend properly.

Thanx, I do use my weekends, jus that was wondering y suddenly my lucid dreams stopped after I started going back to school?