How to fly and some questions

Title changed. Was: “Yearrg!”

Hi everypeoples. I had my first lucid dream last night, but I ran into some problems. Let me first describe my dream to you.

 It began in a cavernous room that was made of concrete and compacted dirt. In the center of the room was a big, rectangular pit which I believe had ferns growing in it. Several doors in my house were placed in the back-right corner, based on my position. In the middle-front was a strange garage-like rectangular doorway leading downwards at a slope. I walked inside, but it was dark, so I went back out. I said to myself, "When I turn around, there will be a flashlight behind me." There was. It resembled one of those yellow and black rectangular ones, but it was dark grey and had a red button. It's beam of light was somewhat feeble, but it worked. I walked in, and all of a sudden the room was intensely bright. I guess the light was better than I thought. The small rectangular antechamber led to a massive room of electronics and stacks of discs. It was a massive electrical plant looking thing whose colors were shades of grey and randomly assorted primary colors. I realized that I wasn't alone in the room, as an annoying kid I knew named Brendan was there. He started babbling in my direction, and I told him to "Shut up and go away!" Unlike the waking world, he obeyed. I then decided to revisit the floating crystalline city mentioned [url=]here. (Third dream listed.)[/url] I tried, but all I got was a paper cut-out of it. I was very disappointed. I decided to try again later, and went back to where I was when I started. After thinking for a moment, I decided to try and fly. First I said to myself, "Okay, I know I can fly, so now I'm gonna do it." I tried jumping, and struggled to remember other methods I had heard of. Suddenly I began waking up, and I frantically rushed to find something to hold on to. I couldn't find one, so instead I began shouting that I didn't want to wake up. Unfortunately I did.

Now I know that it takes practice to completely change where you are in that way, but why did the crystalline city come out as a paper cut-out? Lack of confidence? And can anyone give me a list of effective ways to fly? If so it would me most appreciated.

I don’t really know anything about staying lucid, maybe try rubbing your hands together or spinning on your axis? But I do know of several ways to fly:

-Superman style (one arm stretched out)
-Neo style (both arms stretched out)
-Imagine some kind of technology to help you fly (like a jetpack)

There’s loads of other ways to fly however; just be creative with it and have fun :smile:

You can find many tips on how to learn to fly in LD’s in those 2 threads:
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next time, you could try to imagine that one of the doors lead to the real city. maybe place the cut-out on a door to mark the way? or ask for a sign that shows which door is the right one? :cool:

Siiw has a point, there. Although I haven’t had much practice in creating landscapes in dreams, there are many methods already listed on this site for traveling to your own destinations. :content: For example, you can try using an elevator to take you there, go through mirrors, or switch on a TV to help you out.

The possibilities are nearly endless! :cheesy: