How to fly in a LD?

I have had a few LDs, I used to do the whole writting a journal and saying youll remember your dream, thing, never worked so I stopped. Then out of know were I had a LD. Now I have them random about 2-3 times a month. All of them I attempt to run and fly or jump or something, but all I end up doing is going into the air a little bit a floating. Any ideas of how to fly in my dream?

I have problems flying on occasion as well, but I learned a few things that usually help.

x Swimming through the air, rather than trying to fly like Superman
x Procuring some sort of flying device to help, such as a flying carpet or wings
x Bounding great distances (not the same as flying, but has the same effect)

After a while of doing any of those, sometimes it removes the “mental block” that was inhibiting you in the first place, and you’ll find yourself flying in a more traditional manner.

I have flied naturally in dreams my entire life. But for beginners I think flapping arms may work. I jumped from a kind-of mountain last night in a NLD. I could control if I had free-fall speed or if i was hovering like a feather. It wasn’t really flying but it was just as awesome.

Try to focus on flying, nothing else, not techniques for flying, ways of flying or floating, just try to think on flying, if you want to fly on roof or garage, just think of FLYING! That’s the way I fly, no techniques no worries, just simple flying… Or sometimes it helps to jump from a cliff or mountain like WASD, that made me lucid and flying consciously for the first time!


This is a good point. At some point something will remove the mental block and you’ll be able to fly using more than one technique. You may want to check out the Different Styles of Flying thread for more ideas. Chances are one of them will work to break the mental barrier :content: .