How to fly?

So far I’ve had two lucid dreams only, but it’s come really easily (the second time was this morning and I was able to stay lucid for about 5 minutes, I don’t really know because time’s messed up in dreams but it seemed like a long time). Anyways, I was wondering how to fly?

I’ve always wanted to fly and I beleive I can, and so I’m making it my next goal. But I have absolutely no idea how. I’ve tried a couple times in my last LD, and I don’t know any method except jumping and hoping I fly. I can jump a lot higher than usual in my LDs, but it doesn’t work for takeoff. I just come right back down.

So what’s the best way for a beginner to learn to fly? :confused:

Close your eyes and visualize taking off,
Now visualize navigating,
Now visualize landing.

Here you go, this is the most natural and easy way for you to fly.

There’s a few topics on the matter, the most important are “Teach me to fly” and “Different styles of flying”, but if you want a personal advice, just take a big jump and stop at the peak of the height, in midair; I’m sure ideas will come to you from that position :wink:

really its easy, i just jumped to the air and flew up to the clouds…because i was lucid and knew i was dreaming.

A DC taught me how to fly. The entire entry is in my DJ. Basically I told the DC that it was a lucid dream, and the DC said we should fly. She showed me how to do it superman style.

I found it really difficult to get off the ground at first, but once I did I could fly wherever I wanted to. :content: I recommend asking a DC or doing it superman style.

I agree with Leeh, visualize is the more natural and easy way (at least for me) to fly.
The first time I just jump and tried starting fly, it didn’t work.
So I really tried to visualizate it, to see myself going up over there. Tried again and it just worked.

And that’s for everything in your dreams, it’s your mind, you can do anything you can imagine. And sometimes even you can’t not imagine. :content:

Thanks everyone. Hopefully I’ll be able to fly in my next LD!