How to initiate that spontaneous moment

So I had what was apparently my first lucid dream a little over a week ago, where I suddenly realized I was dreaming but quickly lost lucidity after I made the mistake of teleporting before I knew where I even wanted to go. What I’m curious about is how I can increase my chances of having this spontaneous moment of lucidity- around the time I had the dream, I’d given up on lucid dreaming and only cared to remember my dreams when they were interesting. I’ve been trying to have another DILD but I’m not sure how I could increase my chances of that actually happening. I’ve been telling myself before I go to sleep that I’ll remember my dreams, doing reality checks, the whole shebang, but nothing seems to be working. What can I do to have another DILD?

I think the best way to have lot of DILDs is to try to have these spontaneous moments IRL as often as possible. People are usually unaware during the day the same way they are during their dreams, but if you manage to have these sudden moments of awareness during the day, you begin to experience them more in your dreams. I don’t think it’s even necessary to do RCs. The important thing is to feel the awareness :smile: The more aware you are IRL, the more aware you are in your dreams.

This is definitely true. It’s the general idea behind for Lucid Living. I’ve been able to increase my general awareness by occasionally asking myself what activity I was doing prior to what I’m doing now. It takes a while to get into the habit, but once you do you’ll start doing it in dreams as well :smile:.

Keep a dream journal. Once you keep a DJ you automatically realize a dream when you see one because you are used to what they are. No need to do RCs or anything.

Do mindfulness meditation. The point of it is to increase your general level of awareness. This is exactly what you want.

ShenR and HabaneroS are dead on. Look into Lucid Living, as well as the ADA (All-Day Awareness) technique. I would also highly recommend this article in the LD4all article space: [The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers)