How to Progress

I have Been LD for a 5 years. I allready had like 50 LD, not a lot and my dreams are always very short only 10 seconds. Sametimes i am using supplements some dream herbs. Is that normal? I Don 't see any progress. How Can i improve? Please help me.

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I want to improve as well. what dream herbs are you using?

Hello @Jozef, welcome to LD4all :wave:

What are your dreams and your lucid dreams usually like? How about your dream recall? Which technique are you using, if any?

I’m also curious about your motivation for lucid dreaming and any other background information you are willing to give (your “story“ basically). Dreaming is a very individual and personal affair after all :mrgreen:

I am useing silene capensis i am growing IT in my garden, but you can also buy it. Lucuma also helps to have a vivid dreams. Butterfly flower. And Some herbs extrakt for improve concentration are helpfull too.

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Hallo Marvin, thank you, i am happy to be here :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, my dreams are mostly about future. i think i have very good fundamentals. I remebber my dreams. I am writing down them every morning. I am useing WBTB technique.

Frist i wanted to learn OBE, but it was hard, so i found easy way to do LD, i would like to get to the point, where i can stay there atleast 10 minits. I would like to get to my wife dreams to prove her that this is real, speak with the dead family members also i would like to learn things in astral like grow spiritualy.

when i get lucid i usualy look at my hands then i trying to look at another things around but in few seconds the dream starts to fade away, i look back to my hands, bud it does not help and i wake up. This happend all the time. What else do you need to know? Maybe is hard becouse i am older? i started at the age of 30. Are you good at LD? Thanks.

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I wouldn’t say that I’m good at lucid dreaming as in having them at will or with high frequency. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them :yes: I’m also over 30 and as I approached my late twenties I also thought that having lucid dreams will only get more difficult from then on because they were indeed getting rarer and that’s what many websites say. Now I don’t believe that anymore. I’ve had about as many lucid dreams this year alone as in my entire previous life. So please don’t feel discouraged because you’re not a teenager anymore or you started too late.

It sounds like your fundamentals are indeed solid. When you do WBTB, what does that look like? Do you do any induction technique like MILD or WILD when going back to sleep?

About your lucid dreams, when do they happen: only during the last sleeping phase or also in the middle of the night and sometimes before your WBTB?

Now how to improve your chances at LDs and making them longer, if forum member @Rhewin was here he’d say it’s all about awareness. And I strongly second that. It seems like a suitable solution to your situation. Have a look at this tutorial written by him:

How does this resound with your experience? Are you really aware in waking life? In a nutshell: If you’re not lucid when awake, trying to be lucid when asleep is a dubious endeavor :lol:

Why I couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait :wink:

I have 1-3 a week. At my prime when I was really trying it was 1-3 per night depending on how many times I woke up.

I solely get lucid from recognizing the feeling of a dream or noticing something is off. Two days ago I had a very long chain. Lots of false awakenings because I was worried about waking up at a certain time. I kept regaining lucidity by asking questions.

Keep asking questions, keep noticing your surroundings, and always be willing to assume you’re dreaming unless you can prove otherwise.


This is a good point. We call it reality check and not dream check and I that’s probably the right thing to do. Assume that dreaming is the default state and do RCs to check if maybe you are actually awake instead.

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Having them at will :grinning: that´s great i want that too. How is it work? I mean, do you need like extra focus that day, or just before sleep? It is realy good to hear that i am not old and i can still improve my dreaming :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, when i do WBTB i am awake for 20 minits, doing RCH, waching my fingers and i usually do MILD, but few days ago i tried WILD i got to the state og hypnagogic lallucinations, then i lost consciousness for maybe 5 seconds after i realized that i am dreaming, but it took just few seconds and i woke up But it was amaizing, i will practice this technique. Problem is only to stay lying on my back, when i am so sleeply.
What technique are you doing?

My lucid dreams happen mostly after WBTB technique and during the last sleeping phase. They never just spontaneously. I think i always have to try very hard.

Yes, this is the thing i need to improve awareess. But how often do you ask par day? 10 times or more? Are you combaineing them with another Rch?

I don’t really count. Early on I would just do them as often as possible. Probably every few minutes, though obviously I’d get busy/distracted. As soon as I’d remember I’d go back. And I cannot stress enough how important it is to think and ask questions while you RC. In a dream last night, my most reliable RC passed (indicated I was awake), but I realized it wasn’t normal for me to be crawling through a dungeon beneath my grandparent’s house.

Now I have a pretty good sense of what a dream feels like so I only have to RC to confirm. Since I haven’t been actively practicing RC’s and awareness during the day, my lucid dreams are pretty exclusively during naps or after WBTB when I’m already more aware and the dreams are higher quality.

Edit: also I realize I never touched on the age thing. I also am in my early 30s and have more spontaneous lucid dreams than any other time in my life. If I was still really into what is called lucid living, I’m sure it’d be even greater.

I’ve heard that theory that dreams become less vivid or that it’s harder to LD the older you get. Absolute bunk I say. If you expect that to happen it will I’m sure. But there’s nothing that’s ever convinced me it must happen.