Human Balloon, dumbest flying method?

If you know me, i want to inflate myself like a balloon with helium in a lucid dream. I have tried to do this for a long while now but i never actually succeeded (haven’t had lucids recently due to personal issues). I have tried using a helium tank (with no success) and inhaling air (which only worked a little, but didn’t get me big and round). So far and im still wanting to try it.

But i was wondering, im somewhat surprised people don’t try to do this more for lucids since i see it as being quite fun floating like a balloon. I assume people just see it as a stupid method due to how it makes you look fat.

So do you think its the dumbest flying method out there or perhaps one of the best (if you think that)?

:lol: I think it sounds like a fun way to fly! And, judging by the conversation in #ld4all some times, you aren’t the only dreamer to try this.

In my own dreams, I can float around if I relax completely, deeper than it is possible to relax IRL. It makes my body weightless.

Maybe you could try air under pressure, for example the air hose at a gar station?

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I saw that, though he transformed into a toy aluminium balloon. I am talking about blowing up like a balloon keeping my human form.

I can name at least two other people in #ld4all that have mentioned enjoying this idea. I’m aware of the more “fetish-oriented” approach that can be taken with this, but… so what? :tongue: While this isn’t at the top of my to-do list, it’s on there just to see what other people see in it. I’m into shapeshifting in lucid dreams, and this is certainly an altered shape. I think the lack of talk about it might also be due to the desire for a particular sense of speed and control in flight — I think I’ve mentioned to you how I personally switched from willpower flight to winged flight because my mental schema for it was more pleasing.

You seem embarrassed; don’t be. You’re not going to find too many sites on the internet more open-minded than one in which we tell each other about dreams that often reflect right on our subconscious desires.

One of the best in my opinion. I use the human rocket technique to get to a high place really fast when my subconscious isn’t cooperating.

Tell us about your story blowing up like a balloon? And how did it feel to you?

It was a low level of lucidity, so my senses were terrible in fact. No sense of touch, so I really didn’t feel anything except “sensing” I was the shape of a balloon/rocket. About the actual dream though, I started to slow down after getting higher, so I jumped back down and tried to walk through a wall to a high place, but I just ended up walking into the wall and waking up.

But in all, it worked better than all my other tries to get really high.

When a DC blocked my flying powers, I turned into a mold of strawberry gelatin so that it wouldn’t hurt when I hit the ground. Whatever works!

(But yeah, the DC thought that it was silly of me to do, too.)

Human Balloon sounds like very creative airbending. Lucid dreamer Stephen Berlin said that he was averse to the spinning method to increase vividness and lucidity because, knowing his own mind, he was going to end up in a tutu that he didn’t manifest. Knowing my own mind, I’m going to get gas-bubble pains in my intestines because I’m prone to that in waking life.

Mind trying it out for me? I would love to hear more experiences regarding it due to how inept i am at lucid dreaming right now. And it will help me prepare for when i do it.

And since you mention air bending, i suppose i could create a large ball of air and swallow it whole. That should do the trick.

I’m going to contest this topic’s title, as the rather gross LD I had this morning clearly has the dumbest flying method.

Thorn, that is quite disgusting! It would be fun to find out everyone’s craziest flying methods.

We do have this topic: Different Styles of Flying :cool:

Zorgling, have you had any success with swallowing air? How about eating something that would turn into large amounts of gas inside you, for example cola and mentos?

I would love to drink some over carbonated cola in a dream, sounds funny :razz:

I don’t mind at all :content:

I warn you, though, I’ve been in a dry spell for a while, so don’t hold your breath.

I must also note that my mind might be wired differently than yours, so my experience might not be something to prepare for necessarily. I mean, in my own lucid dreams I found flying carpets difficult to control, and broomsticks provided the best combination of both speed and control, but in someone else’s mind it might be the reverse.

To “power forwards” you’d pretty much have to… “engage your thruster.” Since you are a balloon you should use the same method for propulsion, creating a jet.

This topic is slightly old. sorry.
But blowing up like a balloon was the start of my interest in LD, after involuntarily inflating in front of a mirror. When I was shocked I reverted, but imagining my belly getting bigger caused me to grow again.
That’s when I realized I was dreaming and woke up.