Human version 2

Just watched a very intresting documentary, on the convergance of artificial intelligence and the total understanding of the human brain. It raises some thought provoking questions and its own set of moral dilemmas, such as creating artifical intelligence trillions of times more powerful then the human brain; recording thoughts/dreams (lol thus the relevance to the post) and virtually living forever…

*Anyways I found the link to the horizon documentary: Clicky! *

I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on this :content:

EDIT: It’s slightly long running at 47 minutes, just thought I’d ought to warn you :smile:

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Very interesting, I highly doubt that its possible to record a dream though…

The problem with making AI more intelligent than man is, machines can only repeat what we feed them. Even the most advanced AI is just a program choosing preset responses from a list. In fact, the only difference between primitive AI and advanced AI is how many responses and keywords are put into it’s parser. The video seems like a bunch of hooey, if ya ask me lol

Hmmm consider this, what if the human brain was just a computer, a highly complex and ridiculously efficient computer, but still a computer, where the neurons are processors and so on, the point is this is not too far off from the truth and with the monkey experiment it proves that thought patterns can be recorded (after all it’s just neurons communicating through chemical reactions/electricity) and replicated, in this case a robotic arm. I’m sure if you give the computer enough inputs for it to learn for itself, it would, however it would not learn like a human would and as you say it’s intelligence would be based on our knowledge database|)