Hypnagogia or OBE?!

I was falling asleep when I began to feel like I was climbing out of my bed, whilst lying down… It was odd, I was fully in control. I got a litte scared and forced myself to turn over so the feeling would stop.

Does this sound like AP? Or just a effect of SP?

It is hard to tell without further information and you may hear many people disagree that AP even exist, although the people who have done them are strongly convinced they are more than dreams or HI.

Have you been focusing on AP? there is generally a process involved if you are aiming at a conscious exit experience - ie relax the body, raise your energy, clear your mind, body goes deeper into relaxation often you will lose sense of physical barriers, many report a buzzing sensation, static, or hissing, a feeling of weightlessness and a disconnect from their physical self.

The process of separation is different for many , just as the feeling of going lucid before lucidity is different for many. Read many different accounts, then think back on your own experiences and you will gain insight to situation. You will come to understand that difference between HI and an AP just as people here have come to understand the difference between dreaming of being lucid and actually being lucid.

Does that make sense?

I’d been looking into it around the time this happened, but I was really aiming for any sort of AP / OBE, I was just trying to fall asleep - there was no noticeable SP… Or vibrations, just a feeling of physically leaving my body… But I was thinking about learning to AP sometime… So yeah.

Yeah, thx :happy:. I suppose it was likely HH… I’ll see if I can recreate it… :bored:

Hard to say if that was an AP or you starting to go into a LD with just that. APs though do more commonly start off in the bedroom (but of cause LDs too can as LDs tend to start off from anywhere at all).

Sometimes its easy to tell that a person is heading towards having or doing APs especially if they don’t know enough about AP to be able to cause a dream about those things.

There are some very common experiences common to AP/OBE (but of cause we can dream about anything if we were aware of what those experiences are eg someone who reads a lot about AP may well end up having a LD about AP and then end up then falsely thinking they then had an AP instead of realising it was a LD. This would confuse that person as later on he/she may realise their LDs feel the same as what they think are actual APs (I meet many confused people who think they are the same).

If you read the following thread thou from someone who obviously does not knowabout AP sensations and hence is then wondering why his/her experiences are different to what he’s read of peoples LD ones and wonders what is going wrong, obviously this person is naturally heading towards having an AP [Dream fades to darkness and can't move upon lucid! HELP!)

I tested my APs out to make sure they were real and hence couldn’t possibly be just dreams.

@4k33m Did you also see yourself laying in your bed or where you floating in your

I wasn’t seeing anything yet. But I felt as if I was arching my back and sliding off my bed when my body was still.