Hypnagogic state (WILD)

I’m trying WILD, and I have some doubts about the hypnagogic state.
After using some auto-hypnosis tracks from (Stephen Laberge I guess?) about developing a better memory, it became easier to relax and I started to notice the hypnagogic state, as the tracks have exercises for relaxation.
I haven’t LD’d yet, though, and I had never been through the imagery (no sounds, no hallucinations).
The last time I tried, I could see full scenes, with sound, but it was people talking, and it wasn’t much vivid. Also, the sound was kinda low, not loud sounds like explosions, paper being ripped, etc… and the images are always like creative things that made me think “damn, thats’ nice!”. The scenes lasted about 1 or 2 seconds, and they were for example, a dinning table full of people talking.

So I thought it could be the last hypnagogic state and tried to “roll” or fall from the bed, but nothing happened, and my lower body wasn’t very asleep.

What I want to ask is, was I on the right way ?

:content: thanks.

The Hypnagogic imagery you were perceiving was indeed a sign that you were close to a LD, but you are confusing two quite different techniques to WILD: the SP one and the HI one. The one you want to do requires to passively observe the scenes until they become clear enough for you to be “pulled in” (and you gotta be patient, they have to be stable) or you get inside the dream by itself. The other technique, which involves rolling out of the body, requires SP, which means you first have to realx the body until it is paralyzed in a state similar to when you dream (and your body must be still to prevent you from acting out your dream). So, you shoud just continue watching the imagery, and intervening only when the images become realistic and fully formed.
Besides, could you post the links to those auto-suggestion audio files, or upload them somewhere? We would be grateful ^^

The SP necessary for LD is a real one ? Like, I can’t move even trying ? Other times I felt my whole body go numb, but I could easily move it if I wanted to).

I guess I can’t post the link here, but it’s “Develop A Powerful Memory by Glenn Harold”.
It’s not about LDing, but the relaxation exercises is one of the best I’ve heard (why ? it’s the same technique as everywhere, but the recording is very very nicely done.

I’ll send you the link through PM.

I think it’s Great that you heard sounds as well from the people at the table! :thumbs:

I’ve only WILD’d a few times, but my HH never involved sound, and no HS either. I would say you were very close to WILDing! :lucid:

I would recommend reading The WILD FAQ from the ld4all knowledge base. I particularly enjoyed the explanations of the differences between HI HH and just looking at the back of your eyelids :lol:

Edit: As for SP, I too have never ‘truly’ experienced SP I think, as I know I can always move something if I choose to, however, I have WILD’d so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Best of Luck to WILDing and LDing, and :welcome:

Your body goes numb because you were lying around for a lon time

I also have a question about HI.
I’ve been trying to have a lucid dream for some time now, and I’ve tried everything.
But I have one question about WILD’ing. I’ve tried it every possible time of the day, but I’ve never ever gotten any imagery or sounds. Does anyone know an explanation for this?

HI is percieved before REM phases, so you will be a lot more successfull if you try to experience HI in late sleep phases, or before your afternoon nap (if you do one in the day)
Moreover, trying to actively reach HI is counterproductive: you must just realx and allow them to come for themselves, observing passively and not focusing on any particular part. If you keep it long enough and your body is relaxed, the HI will grow stable and you’ll be in a dream :wink:

and some people don’t even get HI :wink: so don’t worry about it :smile: