Hypnosis, Legal products

Does anyone have any hypnosis mp3 files that can help induce LD’s?
Also is there any legal products that can be bought at a local store (not nutmeg) that help induce Ld’s and do not effect health?

Well I tried vitamin B6 for the first time last night and had a LD. you may want to try it out.

How much is it? can i find it at a local drugs store?

I got my B vitamines at a “special” store, that is I ordered them over internet :tongue: They contain 100 mg or 100 ug of 11 different B-vitamies and there’s 100 pills in the jar and it cost 16 euros from where I got it. But I cut each pill into 2 since it doesn’t seem to be any difference between 100mg and 50mg and it get’s cheaper that way :content:

If buy from an ordinary store they usually contain alot less/pill so that’s not that useful since you would have to take quite a few of them to get enough for it to affect dream recall.

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I bought some b6 at a local health food store its 500mg per capsule and usually i break than open and try to take out closer to 50 mg (its harder to sleep when you take the full 500), but yeah any health food/vitamin store should sell it

Hey thanx, i think i’ll go buy some when i have the time. I’m from Canada so any idea how much here?