Hey guys and gals! :happy: I read a topic a while ago. It said you can get lucid by saying “I am lucid” in RL AND LDs. Where is this topic and please explain in detail how to execute this exercise or whatever it is :content: ! Thanks heaps!


Well since actually believing you WILL have a lucid dream WILL cause you to have one. You should check out the Lucid Warp program in the lucid shortcuts section.

In addition to the LucidWarp method…I have an extra thing to give you. You MUST be lucid for this.

In a Lucid Dream, make a pill spawn in your hand, and tell yourself that when you swallow that pill, you will have Lucid Dreams every single night. Truely believe and expect that what you say will happen (Sound familiar?)…and next thing you know, you have insurance that you will have a Lucid Dream.

Use your mind and be creative, and anything will work out for you. Good luck!

These two threads are called ‘Stop trying to dream.’

THe first thread link is in my sig i believe, as i started/maintained it.
There is a second thread as the first one is locked, but there was no link provided by the mods from the first topic, and it seemed to dissapear. Im sure someone might be able to locate it then.

The basic just from the rediculous amount of posts in that thread is basically inverting your realities.

As we check this reality to see if we’re dreaming, i simply state that if lucid dreams can be as real or super-real as reality, then there’s no reason why we arent lucid dreaming now. Thus the two can meld together, and you don’t really lucid dream. Your reality enters an altered state, but as long as you are concious in one form or another, it is ‘real’.

And because of this, if you can access your subconcious in dreams, there’s no reason why you cant reprogram it conciously to remove stereotypical boundaries in this reality, such as (gravity, death, whatnot). Rather than acknowledging aspects of lucidity, you must simply live that way, with full unconciousness of the actions (for best effects).

For a useful analogy, someone says to me “i can’t dream”. I say ‘dream right now.’ they go ‘wtf, i can’t im awake.’ i say, ‘DREAM NOW.’ they go ‘wtf man!’ i go 'FRIGGIN DREAM NOW ALREADY" and they go ‘okay okay man just dont hurt me!..wow! im dreaming!..wow thanks man!’

If you want more advice, feel free to PM me or MSN me on sebp@tpg.com.au, or i’ll occasionally post here.

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Me a good technique that I use is telling me before sleeping that I will have a LD. It work well but you have to be really focus on that , it make easy to do fullblown LD. You enter the dream state and youre already lucid , its cool.

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Hi LDGirl, wasn’t it the Lucid living topic?

Lucid living thread is the practical side of the coin, but slightly limited in terms of application of mindstates

“stop trying to dream” series is the more theoretical/purist/wholistic theory-based side of the coin


Take information from wherever you need it depending on what you need to know.

Not to toot my own horn but i suggest both are excellent references, especially in combination for both theoretical and practical elements. I may at a later stage condense/simplify lucid living elements and fuse it with stop trying to dream theory as a case study in the book I am writing.