I am starting a lucid dreamteam. (more explained on message)

Hihi. i am wanting to star a “dreateam” kind of thing with some of the other members here. It would be nice if we got to know eachother as well. Is anyone interesting in studying and using lucid dreaming with me? i want to keep it limited to maybe like fourteen ppl tops right now. I think it will be fun. you don’t have to be expierinced, we can help eachother out. ^^ :content:

So then, lets get to know eachother. You can share some of your dream expieriences with me, whether it be lucid, just a dream, or oobe, whatever.
I hope you’ll join me, whoever reads my message^^

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Okay so here are our members so far: Me (Shapeshifter) (am on netlog as well) KTfox (is on netlog as well) Karuni ( is on netlog) Tundra (is on netlog as well and is a co-admin) Zukoca (not allowed on netlog till is eighteen) Tcc (is on netlog) Fencer299 (not yet on netlog) Loco x DrummeR92 (not yet on netlog) Techguy (is on netlog) Son_of_finrir (from netlog) enternamehere (from netlog) madiiiiiiiiii (from Netlog) kay_13 (from netlog) Germanphysco (from netlog *also does not participate in our group projects and expeiriments but does the advertizing for us*) Xx_Quack_xX (from Netlog) dark_paradise_lover (from Netlog) sweet_cindy91 (from Netlog)

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firstly i need to get started … haven’t got one LD up to now :cry: but im totally motivated :tongue: atm im trying out a few techniques … MILD isnt mine … i don’t like it :content: WILD is hard but thats the one i prefer the most at. FILD … sounds easy … but … i always fall asleep :cry: WBTB … i can’t get myself to stand up … just turn off the alarm and than i always go stright back to bed :grrr:

though, what do you except from us / me ? :happy: at least what do you want to “study” ?

i think, i’d join you, though i want my 1st lucid dream !! :content:

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Lol what i’d expect is a team effort and to make good friends. What we can study is different techniques and compermise. Let’s ay there are some you want to try or some i want to try. One of us could test on technique and the othr another one, and then compare results and discuss them, as in what worked what didn’t work. we could even discuss fusing techniques together and removing certain parts and see if we can get better results.

I’m interested in the dream team. You can check out my DJ if you want to see some of my dreams and also check out my info on my profile. Hopefully this will be successful; a lot of the other groups aren’t really active at the moment as you probably already noticed.

yay, finally, lol. okay well what kind of methods do you use that work best for you/

Okay i take it that no one else is wanting to participate because my idea doesn’t sound very grounded…
Here’s a plan. Just give it a shot, post your methods and what works for you. or what isn’t working for you. hold on a minute and i’ll post some of mine.

Okay here’s one. This method is used for Astral Projection, but i have found it usefull in pulling one’s self into a lucid dream. Tke a long piee of ribbon, string, or light, thing rope and attach it somehow to your cieling so that it comes down within grabbing reach. After that, close your eyes, and do a relaxation process. make sure you will not be disturbed. count each break slowly but comfortably untill you get to fifty or one hundred. I usually find myself relaxed at fifty. then use imaginary hands to climb the rope in an upwards direction. DO NOT VISUALIZE THIS. visualization in this method uses more energy than needed. climb up the rope as though in pitch darkness and just feel yourself climb up. after a few minutes you may feel certain sensations. it is different for different ppl. DO NOT STOP climbing when you get any falling or tickly sensations, just keep climbing. focus on the dream you wish to have, not really visualizing it but feeling it. feel yourself being pulled up into. Now this might work, or you might find yourself hovering over your bed in an astral projection, either way you have reached a goal.

now then. if any of you want to participate, i want you to try this and report back to me when you can.

Hmmm, I’m interested in this. I need to start getting my recall up to standards…as I’m LDing almost everynight, but can never remember them…this should help!


This sounds interesting and fun. I’d like to take a shot at it. I don’t keep a DJ here, but in the year I’ve been interested in LDing I’ve gotten almost 11 LD’s (although most were very short, a couple were actually good) Most of these LD’s were random DILD’s where I got lucky and wondered if I was dreaming. A couple were I remembered to do RC’s as well as a few that were MILD. The most recent LD I’ve had was July 20th.

Recently, I’ve been focused on WILD + WBTB. A while back I saw HI twice, heard some noises, and one time I felt like I was about to fall through my bed. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck so far like I did before. It’s been a bit disappointing, but I still want to try for a little longer.

to tundra lol okay great! do you keep a diary by your bed?

Not really. I probably should, but every time I wake up I take some time to think about my dreams. I do write down notes about my LD’s, though. I remember at least one dream everytime if I get enough sleep.

to karuni okay then cool! so tonight try the rope suggestion and tell me what turns up. and remember to do the relaxation process

Ok, I’ll try it tonight. And lol I didn’t notice your last post was to Tundra. ^^; Sorry about that.

Okay, her’s something that i found helpfull. you don’t need to repeat these exact words but something like them ill help. “i want to remember my dreams and wake up after each one to write down my expierience” say something like that over and over again till it is ingrained into your mine by the time you fall asleep. The last time i did that it actually worked

lol no problem. Actually i should ask everyone that. but it will be helpfull to go out and get a diary or journal that you really like and even a pen that appeals to you. Always keep them by your main sleeping area.

Alright, I wrote down the instructions and found a string to tie from my ceiling. Luckily there’s a little hook in the ceiling above my bed. I don’t remember what was there before. Will give it a try tonight! It’ll be a nice break from my failed WILD attempts.

okay great! good luck!! i’ll try other techniques tonight and post them here tomorrow. And remember to keep an eye out for any diaries you’d like. it isn’t nessesary but it makes the job a lot easier. I hope you have success. And thank you oh so much for participating. So i take it then you are now the first active member of our new group. lol yay. anyway. if i come up with other stuff then i will post it for you. In the mean time i will focus on combining WILD and other methods, trying to debug them and ake them easier.

oh yea, lol and even if you don’t get any really lucid dreams, write down your expierience. Normal dreams, accidental astral projection, whatever happens, kk?

Ok, I will. I have this notebook that I can write what happens in.

excellent ^^