I can't become lucid?

Hello guys! So, for the past few days(2 days), I’ve been keeping a dream journal and writing in atleast one dream. So, in my latest dream, it was a dead giveaway. I should’ve had a DILD. Everything seemed weird. From me being on the 2nd floor then suddenly on the first, to me having a movie with my crush, and to thin, super fast chocolate/Christmas designed escalators. My dreamsigns are my crushes.
So my question is, why did my subconcious not do a RC? For two dreams, both being impossible and having my crushes in them. If anyone could answer my question, that’d be awesome! Anyway, thank you for reading!


For real Midnyght,

If I were having dreams about dating my crush, I wouldn’t like to be lucid, preferring to keep it a non lucid dream.

Regardless of that, habits take longer to get into dreams. It takes much longer than a few days to make RCs get into your NLDs without using MILD. That’s what makes MILD powerful in my opinion.

Thanks for the reply!
So you’re saying that I should use MILD?
I’ll be trying it anyway so.

Yes, it would be a good idea. Sorry about the short reply, I somehow expected you to know it. Forgive me and best of luck.

Set of techniques I usually recommend to newbies:

I always like to recommend MILD, VILD and WBTB.

Recommended Long Read:
Big VILD topic.
MILD Tutorial
Big WBTB Topic

Short Read:
VILD is mostly about imagining the dream setting you would get lucid. Usually by creating a context you would RC.

MILD is about repeating phrases that you want to stick to your mind, so you would probably recall it during the dream, possibly to RC or to be motivated enough.

WBTB is about waking up and getting back to back. Some people fall asleep faster when getting back to bed in the middle of sleep, which helps you to get into a dream much easier than initial bedtime.

Also, the techniques are not 100% fool proof. You cannot expect them to work at first attempt, sorry, but it’s true. You should insist on them. Patience is golden here…

Another technique that could work for your specific context:
Since you claim that your crush is your DS, something that could work for you is CALD - Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming:

Basically, you could imagine your crush (or some other recurrent person in your dreams) as someone that would remind you to RC. Imagine it hard so it would be incubated into your mind, and hopefully, then carried to your dream.

Thanks again for the reply!
I will try all 3 of these combined tonight! :happy: