I can't imagine things with my eyes closed, bad for WILD.

People are saying that they really like WILD. I have this problem, that I can’t imagine any pictures with my eyes closed unless they are quite dim.Is it necessary to imagine things for WILD or can I just wait until the blackness starts making shapes? How long does WILD usually take to actually work. And one more thing, what the hell is VILD? :cry: :eh: :tongue:

I second Ruzzy’s questions. I tried to have a WILD and just found myself laying there with my eyes closed counting, and not seeing/feeling anything other than stupid.

I’ve had the same problem so I can relate to what you’re talking about. Lately, I’ve become better at visualizing (which is obviously integral to WILD). First off, you can’t just expect images to suddenly come and project onto your eyelids. If you’re focused on you’re eyelids well, naturally you’re just gonna see a whole lto of nothing. Basically what I found is that, I thought of how what happened to me whenever I daydreamed during the day. Think about it, if you’re like in a really boring class or something, you just kinda start to zone out and slip into a day dream or “another world.” What I think is that this process is very much related to what happens during WILD. You don’t need to close your eyes to daydream, these worlds and images just come straight from your head.

Basically, next time you’re lying in bed I suggest you try to get into a “daydream” mode where you’re just kinda drifting off in your thoughts. If you do that, images will start to come to you.

Obviously the next step is the tricky one where after you’ve been drifting off in your own thoughts and worlds for a bit, you take on an “outsider’s perspective.” Just examine your own daydreams objectively, without trying to alter them, as that’d probably break you out of your decline into sleep. All the while you have to be making sure you consciously know that you are slowly going into a dream state.

Anyways all that stuff I just said in the last paragraph is more advanced. I suggest you just try to stick with getting the images in your head first. To be honest with you I’m a bit of a WILD initiate myself, and I haven’t had a really vivid LD experience from it yet, though I’ve come close a couple of times.

Oh, and one final and important note: persistence is the key more than anything. Keep everything I said in mind and PERSIST on applying it.

It seems to me though that as long as I’m concious, I will always subconciously snap myself back if I even slightly start “drifting off”. I’m sorry if I’m kind of hijacking your topic, Ruzzy.

Hard to imagine someone not being able to imagine something with their eyes closed, as that’s where dreams start from :wink:. Anyhow, it is not about “paying attention” to yourself during the technique, but actually conciously drowsing off, and entering the state of subconcious awareness (Lucid Dreaming)

i have the exact same problem FINALLY i thought i was the only one. i thought that everyone else was getting it even easier than me. i cant make a day dream image come before me. it happens when i am not thinking about it so do i just lie down and sit and wait untill i am drowsy and it just happens or do i just make it happen?

Hi Ruzzy,

You don’t have to imagine anything when you practive WILD. The main techniques are counting, repeating mentally a sentence or focusing on something (breathing, part of your body, etc.) until you reach the hypnagogic state.

About VILD, you’ll find all the explanation there:
The BIG VILD topic
Visualisation skills are necessary for VILD’ing.

It depends on people. If you can reach the hypnagogic state very quickly, it could take few time. If you don’t, you better have to learn another technique (MILD, autosuggestion, RC’s).