I can't remember any dreams!

Hi Guys…
I cannot remember any dreams for a lot of time! :cry:
Yesterday I tried eating bananas and milk… (B6) but nothing happened…
This night I used WBTB, I woke up at 3.30 and read 1h a book about Lucid dreams.
Nothing happened.
I am frustrated…
What can I do?
By the way: I have NEVER had a lucid dream before…
And in the last years I can’t remember any dreams, so I can’t make a dream diary (Dream diary without dreams? =/ )
Would be very nice if you could give me any advices, so I can enter the world of lucid dreaming too :smile:

Hi, Ch34t0r :smile:

Yeah, remembering dreams can sometimes be difficult, and sometimes draws to a blank. It happens to most everyone. Something that has worked for me is when you wake up in the morning, and you can’t remember your dream, start thinking of random words. (School, Friend, dresser, snow, Fireball, blanket, tiger, Animal store Etc.)
Just random words that seem have no connection.

One of these could be a trigger word. a trigger word is a word that is involved in your dream. say you dreamed about riding a tiger through the woods, and you thought of the word “tiger” in your rambling, then a piece of the dream might be remembered. Then from there, piece together what happened. It usually works for me.

Searching for trigger words doesn’t always work. Sometimes if I get the right word, I can only “Unlock” or remember a dream fragment, and thats all I get for the morning, but it’s still progress.

Another thing, Trigger words seem to loose effect once you become fully awake, or start talking with people or your mind wanders away form the dream.

Also, if when your coming up with the words, a word seems familiar to you, but you can’t remember the dream, think of words that relate to it. Say you had that dream about a tiger, and you thought of cat, and the word seemed famailiar, think of words related to it (Pet, Lion, Jungle, Tiger…Tiger!) and then you should atleast remember a part of the dream.

Sorry if I confused you any :content: But goodluck with remembering the dreams and such. Hope this works out for you!

:wave: welcome to the forum.
There is an article on dream recall in the knowledgebase forum
Improving Dream Recall

There is also a big remembering dreams topic in the stuff forum.

If you have no recall at all the two most important things are…

  1. tell yourself “I WILL remember my dreams” BEFORE going to sleep
  2. DO NOT jump out of bed as soon as you wake up

finally it’s a waste of time attempting LD techniques until you have some recall since if you did become lucid you wouldn’t remember the LD :meh: