I dont remember my dreams.

Ok, two days ago i began with a dream jornual. After the first night, i remembered a dream, and wrote it down. Every detail and what it was about.

But the secound night when i woke up, i dident remember it. But i think it is because i was awake for 22 hourers, and the third night, i dident either remember my dreams.

BUT i think it is because i really messed up my sleep cycle for some time.

Any help ?

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Hy japse123!

Uneven sleep cycle can negatively effect DR. Try to get enough sleep and try to make constant sleep cycles… Also things like stress and negative events can harm your DR, but once you figure out what things effect you and how they effect you, you will be much more successful!

Here’s also a topic about improving DR.

Hope this helps, good luck! :content:

like he said ^^^^ Even though it’s summer, I have to start keeping a bed time. Sometimes I stay up till 3 or 6 AM & it completely destroys my sleep cycle & recall.

Don’t stress too much, japse. Sometimes a steady sleep cycle is needed for dream recall. But sometimes people don’t remember dreams for a few days. I haven’t got any recall in the last two days, either, but my sleeping has been off. Also, if you have any recall of fragments then those are good to write down, too. Because that way your sub conscious knows you’re trying to remember things.

I haven’t remembered more than 3 dreams in the last month :razz: I’ve been remembering them better for the past three days now though, thankfully. I think my sleep schedule is messed up… I never thought my bad DR was because of unconstant sleep schedules, but it makes sense :razz: I’m gonna focus on going to bed a little earlier now ahaha :smile:

Keep in mind that you can adjust your sleep cycle to start at 3 AM and end at around 11 AM. :crazy: