I found out new things in my Lucid Dreams! Please read!

Okay, so I found out some new things in my dream world, and I want to celebrate my accomplishment with everyone ! Actually, I was on the knowledge fourm, to know about my dreams, and I found this out: I finally know what are my dream signs! and why Im stuck in the same place, and always end up at my "dream apartment’ This is my recuring element! I found out that Astral Projection doesn’t work for me, and I have a dream body, and dream characters, a dream memory, and a flase memory! ( stuff I remeber in my dream life, but it’s not reality in the real world) Does anyone else have a dream memory, and a flase memory too? :smile:

Flase memory. never heard that term before!

I Do remember my dreams once I remember them the first time, like real life the are there and I can remember the locations, people, objects ect in my dreams as if it were real life? is this it?

And congrats on finding a dreamsign!! :happy: Sometimes they can be vague and it’s good you got yours! Now use it, and train yourself to do a RC when you encounter it!

First, congrats for finding out new things in your DW (dreamworld - there should be an acronym for that word… ah well).

Now I don’t get it… you were dreaming that you were on the knowledge forum. Ok, now why are you stuck in the same place ? Astral Projection doesn’t work for you ? What more exactly is that “astral projection” !? I heard that a lot of times but never knew what it may be… perhaps an OBE !?.. You have a dreambody - everyone does :content:. You have DC’s - everyone does have some of those too :happy:.

Now the memory thingy… what do you mean by “false memory” ? What do you store in that so called “false” memory ?

I’d like to know a little bit more details about what you’r talking about up there, so I get what you’re talking about… especially about the AP… :shy:

A False Memory (FM) is a memory created in a dream. Have you ever had a dream you were someone else? Any history you had, any friends, experiences other than your own are all examples of FM. FM’s are also a likely candidate as to why dreams can progress faster than RL. You may not have actually walked from your house to school in a dream, but an FM makes you think you have.

Astral Projection (AP) goes along the sime line as an OBE, but its based on the theory that you are actuall leaving your body IRL and going somewhere else, whether it be somewhere real or a spirit world. All of these are defined in our Acronym Topic in the Knowlede Base.

Well yes, i was like… part of a big firm in my last dream, as it says in my dream journal I had friends i don’t really, and i was like 25 or so (im only a teen IRL) it never ceases to amaze me what the subconscious can do!! it;s like in dreams your just picking up from a random point in some other life!! and jumping to a, sort of parallel life to your own alot of the time too. again, subconscious = amazing xD

Nice explanation Rhawin! :happy:

Maybe I wasn’t as clear, sorry about that. :smile: Okay, when I mean false memory this is the defintion: =" Things that you remember as being a part of your dream life while dreaming, but never happened in real life" example: Let’s say, in the dream world, I am close friends with alyssa, and i went to her party. I remeber that, cause I was there personally in my dreams. But since this happened in dreams, it never happened in real life. ( Actually I dont even talk to this person in real life!) But were friends in my world. So that’s the false memory: remembering things in the dream world, (people, friends, stuff you did on a certin day, etc.) but all the things you remeber in the dream world, is flase when it comes to the real world. There’s no better way to explain it. :smile: So the false memory is part of the Lucid Dream world. Fasle memory = dream memory. A better way to say it.:smile: Now the Astral Projection= “The practice to project the consciouss to a realm different from the physical body”. This is like, when your fully, humanly, awake. And it’s like mind over matter : Even thought your in a reality world, your mind could be in a another world. Medataion would do this: it’s like entering your dream state while being awake. Your mind has to turn off, and go straight into the dream world while medataing. You have to focus, block eveything, out… Then, BAM! Your there. :smile: This unique thing doesn’t work well for me, cause I always loose the connection. Or, Im not just focused. yeah, so those are it, and I hope i answered your question’s :wiske:

 yeah, that's what I said in my new post! Have any of you tried this? That's what I mean, it doesn't work for me.  :gni:

Oh, yes, I’ve had false memories even though I was supposed to be completely lucid. Once, I even had a moment of deja vu in the dream, and “remembered” that the deja vu detail tied in with a dream I had, which was why I was having that feeling, and I worried about it being precognitive. In that dream, many details of that dream I had deja vu for indeed came true, but when I woke up I realized that I never had that dream that I dreamed inside a dream of. :tongue:

The dream I just described was mostly a dream-themed ND, though. In my first lucid dream, which was extended and quite stable, the scenery was strange. Like dreams would make it. I was in the house I grew up in IWL, and the old tacky chandelier I remember was half a cupboard (which I didn’t remember it being,) the staircase was almost level and didn’t seem to end, the ceiling was curved instead of boxy like it should be. (These aren’t the false memories, it’s coming up.)

Then I remembered that I read in a book, that OBE’s tend to scramble up the physical landscape so it’s different than we’d experience it in-body. After I’d woken up, I realized that I never read such a thing. The info dump hadn’t made me think that I was OBE’ing instead of LD’ing either, so that was very strange.

I think that if I ever wanted to extend a LD for several years, I would use FM’s. So, it stays within the few minutes of the hours of sleep we have actually dreaming, but it’s extended due to simultaneous activation of many many FM’s about that dream-setting and those dream-characters. I wonder if it’ll be just like reminiscing, upon waking up-- where you don’t have to remember every second of the last five years, just a lot of snippets of memory of things both significant and insignificant that seem to pad it, and sometimes just become surprised at a pool of memory welling up.

I know I was answering the previous 2 posters questions. But yes, I’ve had a lot of FM in a lot of my dreams, but in LD’s they seem to go away. I guess when lucid I remember everything that’s real and everything that’s not, so my LD and real memory are one and the same.