I had my first lucid dream


So, I was going to sleep in my bed, I was controlling my pc through psp, and watching some movies and so, then turned pc off. Mom awakened me about 30minutes from when I fell asleep (this wasn’t a dream yet), becase… well she was little disoriented and still dreaming, she thought it’s monday and I’m late for school :happy::smiley: But, anyway I think I thank to her I had this LD. I fell asleep about 3 AM and she came about 3:30. So, I fell asleep again ,and here it is.

I just knew, nothing happened, no reality check no realization that I’m in dream, I just get right into lucid dream as it was normal thing. It was so f*cking amazing, REAL, VIVID… you can’t imagine. I saw everything in full HD, but when I try to remember, it’s like any other regular dream, so I guess only the memorized feelings remain. I don’t remember much of it, just two scenes, I was in jungle and fighting against some terrorists, and I was indeed winning because I could do whatever I wanted. Then I jumped and started flying, with NO problems at all, and I get right into my apartmen and started walking arround. And I saw myself sleeping in bed !

So, I was doing all this stuff, you know, flying, creating everything I wanted (like I thought, why not water vehicle with mounted minigun, and I get it :happy: ) and so on, I even get to new york :happy: And also, this strange thing happened, I took a form of the panther, I wasn’t completely dark and black but whatever, and some CAT came, and I couldn’t kill it because of some inner voice, this cat has no teeth and it was trying to bite me, and I knew its’ because it wants to show me that it cannot hurt me so I shouldn’t kill it. And the inner voice told me, it’s some kid watching my dream, but it can only watch, nothing else. This remembered me of movie inception, and I thought, WOW, MULTIPLAYER DREAMS :happy:D This is sort of impossible, but it was amazing lol.

And then, I had another thing which I wanted just as hard as lucid dream. False awakening, because I always thought it’s amazing.

Well, through entire LD, I felt like my eyes aren’t completely closed, and when I opened them I saw everything little more “clear” (when closed, everything was like under rainbow) but I had feeling that when I open them I’ll woke up soon, so I kept them closed. Then finally, my mom woke me up, she was standing before my bed, from right side, which is impossible because there’s a wall, but I didn’t realized it. I woke up and I was in some sort of vacation with my best friends, everybody was there, I was even talking to them, drinking drinks and stuff. I thing it was somewhere in Miami or so. Then, I woke up again. I was in bed, then I don’t remember anything, but I startet to be “vivid” when I was in bus, traveling to my grandmother, with my best friend (it’s a girl), I was hugging her, then we get off the bus, said hello to each other, and we were going our way.

When I rang the doorbell, I finally woke up and realized that this was most amazing experience in my life.

Also, when I was in lucid dream, I thought I can do some star-wars battles, but I just forgot about it because flying was so amazing, I even had the feeling of hight :happy:

Best thing about this ? It was so long, that in dream I thought I’m dreaming for hours, maybe days ! And it was SOOOOO real, exactly like some people say, LD is like you are watching a movie and with your mind, you can do whatever you want in that movie. And LD in a dream in a dream (no, no mistake, I had lucid dream in a dream which was again in a dream :grin: is just amazing !

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Yay, i’m happy for you Spideyko, I hope you have many more amazing lucid dreams. The feeling of flight is a great experience in a lucid dream. :content:

this was an Amazing dream spideyko …
Congratulations…first lucid dream is like a mighty gateway into a surreal world…

You should’ve asked that cat about her teeth… :tongue:

Just realized this is in kinda wrong forum. Sorry and move it, please :smile:

Congratulations :happy:
I still remember my first LD, when i was about 5 years old! It’s amazing, im happy for you :wink:

Wow, congratz man ! :happy:

Hope this LD to be the first from billions coming…
I guess this cat was your best friend in real…you should have asked the cat…
cats can talk in LD…I advise you every time you wake up to make this kind of technique
[Awareness Mastering Technique)
with this you will make most of your FA to LD…it’s like a converter…