I have a few questions (Because i'm new)

Here they are,

Is there any particular way I should be sleeping? Positions etc.
How dark should the room be?
Where should I put my RC? Mine is n my hand, that alright?
Heavy or Light Blankets? Pillows?
Does any of this matter? :help:

P.S. Any little tips would be happily accepted.

First of all, Welcome, the Elusive!

Your questions are mostly person-specific: Some find it best to sleep in a cold, dark room - while other prefer a warmer room, with a bit of light. The best way to know what is best to you is to experiment.

However - It is more likely, as far as I know, to successfuly WILD while sleeping on the back or on the side.

I used to use hand RCs, and those sometimes fail - When you are very tired, you imagine you have done your rc, and therfore “realize” you’re dreaming while being awake - Causing you to burst back into reality. Doesn’t happen to often, though.

I also prefer a completely dark room - Since I like to notice the exact moment where the HI begin, and play with them. In other words, if you see something, it isn’t really there. It also helps getting used to looking through closed eyes (Which is what I do when I dream: I look through my own eyes.), since you see the same thing while your eyes are open and while your eyes are closed.

Thanks, I think I’ll try it, and also. Do you have any tips on how to successfully do a MILD? Or just simplify it, I have tried “1, I am going to Dream…2, I am going to Dream…etc.” I can dream, but Lucidity so still so far off. And, what is the best technique for a new person to get their first Lucid Dream?

Well, there are all kinds of variations of MILD. Check out the guide and this to get a feeling about MILD. Also, you might like to use autosugesstion - Which basically means driving yourself nuts with comments such as “I will have a lucid dream tonight”.

Thanks again.

Would thinking about a type of “Focus Point” Like a stone in my hand during a Lucid Dream help me concentrate? Sorry for some of these questions By The Way.

I find it best to sleep on my back. The key is to remain in the same position for the entire attempt at lucidity. You can’t move a muscle, stretch or open your eye’s. This is especially effective when you awaken from a normal dream. Simply visualise yourself back in the dream and pay no attention to your body.

As dark as you can get it. Although it’s not so important if you can sleep perfectly well in daylight.

In your mind :wink: I find the most effective RCs come from the dream environment. Your hand works also, and can do no harm :smile:

Whatever makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Avoid anything restricting though.

Remaining motionless is most important, especially following a dream. The rest is down to personal preference.