i just can't remember my dreams! and ive done so much..im so

FRUSTRATED!! i just cant seem to remember my dreams ive only remembered 3 in the whole month ive been trying to lucid dream WHY?? ive been doing regular RC’s and MILD method and even taking fish oil -to improve memory- :cry: why is this happening to me??

Are you keeping a Dream Journal? :smile:

and if you are, are you writing everything down? even if it’s a tiny fragment or a feeling.

Have you tried auto-suggestion to help you remember to remember dreams? When you wake up you should stay as still and relaxed as possible, trying to recall your dreams. Give it a minute, sometimes things will just pop into[/b] your head.

The important thing is too not get frustrated, and to write down all your dreams even if it’s just a vague dream fragment. Also, make an intention to remember your dreams. If you keep doing this, Dream Recall will eventually come to you. I remember when I first came to this site. I hadn’t recalled a dream in over a year, but once I started having the intent to remember my dreams, I started to recall dreams, and when I wrote down those dreams, my Dream Recall gradually increased until I remembered about 1 dream a day.

Why do I have a feeling you are not keeping a DJ? :tongue: , If that is the case, you should start doing so immediatly, it’s really amazing how keeping a steady DJ helps in dream recalling and even achieving lucidity.

This post is really long, but please read it through. I think I have some good advice to share.

It sounds like you may be biting off too much, too soon, and it’s causing you unecessary stress. Don’t rush things.

You have to learn to walk before you can run, so take it slow and move one step at a time. Forget about lucid dreaming for now and simply concentrate on remembering your dreams. As others have said, DJ is essential. Write down absolutely everything, even the tiniest of fragments you can recall. If all you can remember that there was a blue cow, then write it down.

It’s different for different people, but here’s a strategy that really helped me improve my dream recall. I write my journal technically in two parts. First of all, i have a cheap notebook next to my bed. The first thing I do when I wake up, in the morning or in the middle of the night, is I jot down key images, events and emotions from my dream, like they were notes from a lecture. Actual example:

zombie apocalypse
hiding in old apartment
electricity out
woman third wheel or something
suspicion: is this safe

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make much sense at first glance, nor if the handwriting is crappy. The great thing about this approach is that if you wake up in the middle of the night from a dream, you can just grab the notebook and quickly scribble something in it in your drowsy state and then go right back to sleep. I usually write these notes really hastily with my eyes half-closed (or fully closed!) so the handwriting is messy and I’m the only one who can make anything out of it. That’s fine – as long as you can read it, it’s all good.

Later on (preferrably the same day), when I have a moment, I go through these notes, trying to remember the dream based on them. Then I write a more organized version of it in my ‘proper’ dream journal. Sometimes in the process of writing this cleaner version I start recalling more details. And sometimes the notes make no sense to me anymore. That happens, and it’s fine. Just the fact that you wrote those things down in the first place helps develop your recall.

It may also help to repeat the mantra “I will remember my dreams, I will remember my dreams” to yourself in your head every night you go to sleep. Nothing about lucid dreaming, just remembering. Then, after you do start remembering more dreams, you can move on to the next stage, performing RCs and other strategies to get closer to lucid dreaming.

This post was kind of long, but I hope this helps. You can do it. It can be hard at first, but don’t give up, and believe in yourself, that’s important!


Eventually you will rememeber your dreams.
Be happy, think positively and enjoy! :smile: