I just discovered the best sleep setup/position.

At least for me, I will tell you what is so comfortable, you gotta try it.

Sleep position will be soldier style, but you need a comforter blanket and a really fluffy blanket and a big pillow.

Use a little bit of the fluffy blanket as a low-head rest. Pillows raise your head too much. Use the pillow as an arm rest over your stomach. You can even choose to hug the pillow a little bit. Sleep under a comforter blanket.

Right now my mattress is an air-pumped mattress. This setup is so comfortable because my head is lowered and the armrest feels so much better than having my arms at the side. You must really relax in this position. Think about dreaming and just float away.

What do you think is the best setup?

Hmmm… I will try this tonight. Now I just need a fluffy blanket.

heh, why not just put pillows all around you so its like your in a body mould mattress? :razz:

i was actually wondering if putting pillows under your feet while you sleep makes any difference? like when someone is feeling faint you raise their legs so theres more blood circulation to the head, what effect would this have on dreaming? or sleep? you would think that with better blood circulation to the head while you sleep would give you better sleep, better dreams, and better rejuvination.

Eonn, I bet anything that improving circulation will improve all aspects of sleep.

Mainly I what I like about the fluffy blanket is that I create an irregular shape for a pillow with random bumpyness. Maybe this is somehow related to our ancestry hunter gatherers sleeping on uneven ground?

Anyway, relaxing on the rocks of a mountain top was one of my most peaceful experiences. Yes, and it was rocks. Pure rocks, pebble size.

What kind of position is “soldier style”? I never use a pillow, it makes me feel like i am suffocating. :tongue:

when i heard him say solider style i was like “whats that? goto bed holding a semi-automatic with a knife under the pillow?”

i like to knit at my sheets clawing them like a cat and then turn around a couple of times like a dog before i go to sleep. i call it animal style. rofl j/k.

omg. lol :content:

Soldier style is resting on your back, legs straight. arms at your side (but in this case, on a pillow instead, like on your stomach)

Just imagine a soldier in salute mode. Now imagine him saluting on the ground.

i will give this a try!!! :grin: :grin:

Ok i did this last night (sorta) I didn’t have anything under my head though. The following morning I found my pillow on the floor. weird. :eh:

lol yea thats wierd! :eh: :eh:

i don’t see how lying down straight on your back with your arms and legs straight is anything unusual or different? lots of people sleep this way. Personally, I find it near impossible to sleep on my back, however, everynight when i goto sleep i always lie on my back for about 5-10 minutes before laying on my side because it fixes my back up. If I try and just lay on my side straight away i will get small aches all over my back, which is why i always lie on my back for a while first… works wonders :smile: