I just have a question!

Well, I have a question about Cingular, I wanted to know if you have Cingular and call someone else that has Cingular, does it waste any minutes, or is it free? Or is that a seperate plan? I asked here cause well, what better place? Everyone else is asleep! And this is one of the only places I trust. >_>

I think cingular does have free mobile to mobile minutes. I know Verison and T-mobile (my carrier) do.

It is, indeed, free. Cingular supplies my wireless service, and I can, as a result, talk to most of my family and friends for free, as they employ the same company.

It depends on the plan I think. Usually if I call someone, my minutes are taken up, I have free minutes on the weekends. But I don’t use my phone very much.