I just keep falling asleep

Im new to lucid dreaming, I really want to have one ,

Every night i try to have a lucid dream I try to stay coneous of my self I do all the stuf in the guide but I just keep on drifting off and falling asleep can anyone help\

   Wut kinda techniques do you do? :neutral:



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I know I haven’t been here that long myself, but welcome to LD4all.

this is a very hard way to do it

if you are trying to lucid dream that way you need to either leave your arm ahnging up in the air, so when you fall asleep, the arm falls down and you wake back up
or keep your eyes open and stare at something while you are falling asleep

and after t his goes on for a long time you’ll feel like rolling over, so, you need to get up and walk around a little, and meditate some, and they go back to bed and try again

its easier to lucid dream by WBTB method

setting an alarm to wake you -3 hours before you normally get up, and then meditating just a little, then working on lucid dreaming, you should go right into a dream really easy that way.

if you are hyper-vigilant you can set an alarm to go off ever 15 minutes after 5 a.m. and eventually you will be in a state where you know you should be able to dream, and you can turn the alarm off and dream.

when i stayed the night at my friends once he had his alarm doing this, it really annoyed me, but it let me leave my body !

Thnx ill do that

try to listen to music when you go to sleep