I keep losing vision in an LD

But for some reason, I can still hear what’s going on. Today morning, I had a number of LDs, so towards the end I told myself I’m going to be calm about this. Next time when I lost my vision in an LD (dream collapsed) I continued to sort of walk around (doesn’t make any sense, I know) and kept listening.

I wanted to meet a certain person and I could hear her even if I couldn’t see anything. If I remember correctly - I did get my vision back after a bit, but I lost it again.

Does it happen with anyone? Does anyone know why this happens? Or tips to improve?

I did not have vision problems in particular, but when I’m losing my lucidity I shout: “lucidity times 100, or lucidity 100%!!” and I rub my hands. This helps me stay in the dream and getting everything in focus again. Spinning should also help.

Another way -> You can maybe convince your subconscious that the problem can be cured/solved with a ‘yet to make solution’. You can do this in-dream or in real life.

Real life: Say to yourself: Next time when this happens I will do xxx(you can make up anything) and then it will be solved (you need to believe it will work).

In-dream: You can even make this funny. Next time you are in an LD, visit a medic and be convinced that he will cure it. Maybe with a potion/lotion or maybe you just need to rub your eyelids when it happens. Let’s see what the doc says.

I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of my problems were solved with this kind of method, involving your subconscious. You just really need to believe your solution will work. But maybe this does not work for everyone.

@generalcoco27 that was a very interesting answer. I completely trust that this would work for me, but as I was reading it, I couldn’t keep myself from imagining how this is helpful in many other problems I have! (with my behavior and certain other habits)

Funny how things turn out, I’m at this major milestone in my life and a great advice popped up at the least expected place on internet.

Thanks a lot!

Well I’m glad it was helpful, but you have made me curious how exactly :tongue:

i used to have blind dreams all the time. I hated them