I keep trying for 4 months... but still no LD

Ok so hi.
Is it normal that it takes that long to prepare myself ?
I have not lost hope, far away ! But I’m curious :).
I can content myself with ND this is not a problem for me 'cause I have great dreams and I can well remember me of my dreams (thanks to DJ).

Yes, it’s normal. I recommend trying a new technique. I found that when starting out, WBTB worked the best for me. Wake up around 4am, read and think about lucid dreaming. If the chat is active, mosey on in there. Then go back to sleep and think about lucid dreaming as you doze off :smile: Also, reality check, reality check, reality check.

Write RC on your wrist with a marker (make sure it’s washable :razz:) and do one every time you see it. That gave me a lot of them when I started.

Not to discourage you, but it happens. It took me around a year or even more to achieve the first LD. Keep doing RC’s, try different techniques and keep a consistent DJ.

thanks a lot… also i found this ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … r=asc&&sta rt=0
Sounds good nah ?

What techniques have you tried? Any self-hypnosis audio, supplements, etc?

yea with physics, what techniques? I think you should do what i do:

*get a dream journal
*before going to bed, say “i will remember my dreams” in your head 5 times

and keep on doing that everyday and you may have LDs in 2 times a week!

btw i need to get back 2 that :razz:

Make sure you feel as excited as possible. :smile:
Have a well-prepared plan on what you want to do, and go through it in your head until it almost feels like you’re actually “there”.

Also make sure you do a reality check every morning, because lucid dreams can feel super-realistic and can easily be mistaken for reality.
I’ve had several False Awakenings myself and it feels exactly like waking up in real life, the only difference was that I moved about half as fast as I usually do, plus my bed lamp didn’t work. :tongue:

Hmm i have already a DJ and i use the technique described in my last post.
i’ll try what Laurelindo said : prepare a plan.

Just for motivation:

Imagine you just woke up, ready for another day.
You get out of bed, you feel a little groggy, and you walk away to the kitchen.
On your way you stop in front of a mirror, and you notice something strange - you can’t see your reflection!
Your first reaction is that it’s fairly strange, and you try to find it - but then it comes down to you: something like this… it can’t be real… it’s a lucid dream?!
You feel an overwhelming excitement inside you, but you can’t be too sure just yet - not yet.
First you want to make absolutely sure that you didn’t just imagine things, and you try to find your reflection - you look away and back, and suddenly there it is, but you don’t look quite the same, and your reflection behaves oddly.
You’re finally ready to accept that this in fact is a dream, and you can hardly remember last time you felt such a great feeling of joy and delight - but then you start to feel drowsy, and objects around you are getting darker and less distinct - and then you wake up.
Your feelings when you suddenly lie there in bed are mixed - you are mad because you spent too much time with your reflection and making sure that it was a dream, but you’re still on a marvellous high and that feeling lasts for the rest of the day.

Imagine - you feel like this from a dream where you didn’t even really do anything specific, so can you even guess what it would feel like to actually live out your wildest dreams while ALSO knowing it’s all a lucid dream?!
That experience is so fantastic that it’s worth every second of your practice!
And this is just ONE lucid dream - wouldn’t it be worth a few months of hard practice just to experience this at least once?
And you will most certainly experience it many times after that as well!
Imagine - how do you think your overall life quality will be once you master this?
Just imagine that.

well you’re my hero !

Hah, you’re welcome. :content:

You can use the example I gave you as a “motivation boost” in practice during the day.
Try to convince yourself that you just saw something strange (like the mirror reflection thing) and then really live yourself into the imagination that everything you see, hear, taste, smell and feel is a lucid dream - the walls, the windows, the sounds, the smell of the air - imagine that all you experience with your senses is in fact all part of a dream, because lucid dreams can in fact be that realistic!
Try to really get into that state - even if you are aware that you are actually awake, it’s still an extremely cool imagination and gives you exactly that boost of excitement that you need to keep things going.
This method is generally known as “Lucid Living” - LL - and this basically means that you try to remain as aware as possible in waking life - eventually this awareness will also affect your dreams, which will naturally lead to lucidity.

OK i’ll try to be more “LL” thanks to RC and other stuff like existential question “Am i dreaming right now ?” “What i was doing ?” “Where am I ?” i think of ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … r=asc&&sta rt=0
Well i’m not at this level and i know that i need to focus my goal and my will to LD and after that.
It’s pretty hard those days because i have schools and have lots of works to do… so my mind is going to blow up ^^
I just do some RC and quick exercise like watching my hand and repeating my mantra “I will remember my dreams” well … i’m French so it says “Je me souviendrai de mon rêve” in french.
But okay i’ll try this and cross fingers ^^

Remember to really believe in yourself as well, though. :content:
Anyone can lucid dream, because lucid dreams are essentially just normal dreams where you happen to be extra aware.
It’s almost a bit like daydreaming in real life and then suddenly starting to pay attention to everything around you; same with lucid dreams - practice your awareness and really imagine how cool it would be if you realized that all around you right now was a lucid dream.
That’s what you should be looking forward to, and if you can catch that feeling of strong excitement then you’re halfway through already, because that feeling alone boosts your chances.

ok i tell you if something new happen

A really good tehnique that triggered my only LD, re-checking digital clocks everytime you see one in WL. I have a habbit of walking upstairs, turning left, checking the time. Last night i did that out of habbit in my dream. The clock read “L4:-2”. Suspicious i looked away then back , following my day habbits in my dream, the clock changed to 18:02 and I knew i was dreaming.

My suggestion is to diitch all the analouge clocks you have, replace with digital. even you’re wristwatch. And make sure you do double takes EVERYTIME. You will LD eventually by force of habbit within the dream :wink:

ohhh not bad i didn’t think about it. I have a digital wristwatch so i try this thanks.

well here i am again… with all yours helps i can even remember all my dreams ^^ but still no LD.

It’s pretty normal to have doubts about one’s own abilities when one hasn’t had a lucid dream in the past.
Ask yourself if you feel that way as well, because self-confidence is extremely important if you want to get lucid dreams.
Do you think you can get lucid dreams?
Do you believe in your own skills?
Or do you put too much trust into techniques?

The good news is that everyone can do it, because everyone dreams, and lucid dreams are just dreams with some extra awareness.

My advice is that you try to get into LL so you become naturally aware of everything around you (start small and then gradually become more and more observant of everything around you).
Combine this with WBTB and you should be able to have a lucid dream in a few weeks.
Also the cool thing about LL is that it can actually give a bit of a foretaste on what lucid dreams feel like - try to imagine that everything around you in real life is a dream, and what you would do at that moment, and maintain that state of mind throughout the day as much as you feel like.
That’s a very cool feeling, and can often be almost a bit like lucid dreaming.
Heck, you can even test so-called “stabilization techniques” in real life and see if you can make everything sharper and more vivid - this will make you familiar with those techniques and it will also force your brain even more to imagine real life as a dream.

Also do not be desperate - you should take frustration as a warning sign, because in my opinion lucid dreaming should always be fun and exciting, not just something that you feel you “must accomplish”.
Sometimes it can actually be beneficial to take a break for a week or so, and then start again.

Thanks for the reply man !

You’re welcome. :tongue:

Actually I was in the exactly same situation as you some months ago - I had tried on and off for several months and I sometimes worried that I wouldn’t succeed - but then I really decided to trust in my skills and try to ingrain into my mind that I wanted to recognize the dream state and “get ready” while I was falling asleep etc - and all of a sudden I started getting them even without trying.
I’m now getting into it again since I had a break a little later for some reason, but I’m positive I will get lucid dreams again, and that’s how you should think as well - that you will eventually get them.
It will happen eventually, if you just believe in yourself and stay motivated.
It can take a few months, or maybe a year, but if you keep it up then your brain will inevitably become more and more aware of your intentions.

One method that worked great for me was DEILD.
It wasn’t really intentional, I just had a few nights when I felt very tired and went to sleep earlier than normal, and then I would wake up during the night and instantly fall asleep again, so that my brain expected me to get up and created a dream about me walking out of bed as if I really had woken up for real, and that gave me a great opportunity to become lucid.
I also made a habit out of always checking if my bedlamp worked properly everytime I woke up, and suddenly one morning it malfunctioned - and not only that, but the switch was also somewhere else and felt soft and strange, and at that point I knew I was dreaming.

Obviously you can’t fully trust a malfunctioning lamp to be a dreamsign, it’s more the way it malfunctions that you should look out for - if it stays on even when you switch it on and off repeatedly and other inconsistencies.