I Need A New Method

I’ve tried a lot of these lucid dream methods for a while and they barely work and I was wondering if there were any other methods that weren’t told in the guide for this website. Any help would be appreciated!

methods are just methods (profound huh? :tongue:). they’re like golf clubs or baseball bats. even if you pick the best golf club, you still have to swing it. what matters more is YOU. not to say there’s anything wrong or deficient about you. quite the contrary! you are born with the capacity to proficiently lucid dream. even if you don’t feel like you do or circumstance might tell you otherwise, you do. the trick is to take hold of this thought and latch on to it. be confident in yourself. that’s the key. confidence overrules everything else. if person A had 100% confidence in them to lucid dream but didn’t use any specific technique, and person B had only 50% confidence and mixed WBTB with WILD and MILD and etc., who would have more lucid dreams? call me crazy, but i think that Person A would have far more success.

now saying “believe in yourself” is all neat and easy, but it’s not. everyone struggles with it. that’s why you have to learn how to talk to your subconscious. a user on here named BenDrummin posted a topic a little while ago about it. to sum up the topic, which you can read here and i highly encourage you do), the key is to use the phrase “i am”. “i am a lucid dreamer”, “i am going to have a lucid dream tonight/in three hours”, or even “i am lucid”. this will have a PROFOUND effect i assure you.

so my advice is to do what i suggested, then pick a tech that you’ve already tried. i personally like using WBTB + MILD, because i don’t have the patience for WILDing. lol. but whatever works for you! just remember: you ARE a lucid dreamer.

good luck! :happy:

A technique for falling asleep (you can do better WILD) would be Stop, Drop and Roll (I call it SDR). You can see here how it works. It’s a video guide - a cool one :wink:.

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