I need help getting past the hypnagogia during WILD.

I asked this on other sites like reddit and dreamviews so I decided to come here too :smile: I’ve been trying to WILD for a couple of nights but I haven’t had a lot of success. I get to the point where my body is numb, I’ll feel like I’m swaying back and forth, and I will see swirly patterns + colors, but then all of a sudden it will all go black and my body stops having that sensation. What can I do to get past this point so I can get into my dream? Please help I’m desperate. :cry: :cry:

Hello amandaa,

No need for desperation.

Are you trying WILD with WBTB? That’s the recommended way to do it. (tip: place cursor over for acronym definitions)

Without WBTB you probably won’t have any luck.

If you are already using WBTB, you need to stay calm and maintain a steady breathing rhythm.
The patterns are only phosphenes, you need to get farther until you see proper HI.
After the swaying you must get past the phase where you stop feeling your bed and lose sense of position.

You are pretty far enough, but there’s still a long way to go.

Best of luck!

Thank you for this!
& do you mind elaborating on what “proper HI” is? I know that you can see images and here sounds and such but I thought that was all there is to it. Is there more?


The images become something concrete.

Check this Tutorial for more details on HIs while using WILD.