I need help with lucid dreaming, im new.

i can control my mind while asleep but it never goes into a dream, it just has random colors and pictures. and then sometimes i will be awakened by random things, if im a decently fast sleeper what do you think is the best method for me. please help me give me ideas so i can try out this whole new world

since you are a decently fast sleeper I would suggest waking up after 4 to 6 hours of sleep and then using WILD (you get better results later in the sleep cycle)

but is it possible for me to just lay down and do a wild, mild or vild?

Just laying down isn’t going to do the trick. You’ll have to do some more work. All you have to do is to stay conscious while your body is falling asleep. A hint on staying conscious is to do the Finger Induced Lucid Dream technique with WBTB or counting whatever will help you stay conscious. Heres a link on how to do FILD [The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II)

Chaos, you can definitly TRY just laying down and doing a technique. I know there are a few people on the forums who this works for. WBTB is definitly a catalyst for a lot of techniques, making the chance of success a lot higher, but a lot of it depends on the individual.

I, personally, like to do a technique right before I go to bed and then do it again any time that I naturally wake up during sleep(get the best of both worlds). Of course that also messes up my dream recall…so Im gonna have to start recording my dreams THEN doing the technique.

anyways, overall, I would say just try it out and see what works for you.