I need help with WILD

I have been doing WILD for a little while. But I can’t induce my luicd dream. I start by relaxing my musles from there I imagen myselfe on a floor. Looking at the wall i see or I say “Floor One I am dreaming.” I start to climb the stairs. Usually on the 37th floor i start to feel that my hands coming out of my body. Ignoring that I keep on counting. I sometimes look at the colours in my eye. I start to feel usually on my right leg a little numbing sensation. It moves to my other leg and then my arms. From there I start to get some pain in my left leg. After that I’m in my bed with this painfull sensation. And then nothing happens. I have literally have been there in my bed for 45 min and nothing had happened. I even tried to imagen a dream that i’m supposed to make up and Nothing happens. I sometimes feel that I zoom into something. Usually three times. Sometimes I feel like I’m, going in cirlces and then usually i zoom in to blackness. Once my dream body came out and zomed into someother world. I couldn’t hear anything but then i swallowed and it went away. I don’t know how i got to that state. I also trying to Meditate.
I need help, what do I do know?

There are lots of different methods to get to the lucid state, Not just WILD. I respect that this is the one that you have picked and want to try to do but for some people it just is not right for them I am one them people too. I mean the closest I have ever got to WILD was been partly paralyzed and hearing some voices in my head. Trust me I have tried WILD lots of times before. Instead for people like you are me who really just cant get lucid using this technique I and lots of people would recommend PILD and SSILD. Research them both they are very easy and people get lots of success from them, believe me the PILD tech is amazing. :cool:

just give them a shot instead of WILD I mean if these dont work for you then you could just work on WILD but honestly it will take you a long time. :content:

You are both a lot closer than me :razz: Although I agree there are easier methods than WILD and I hate seeing beginners getting stuck and obsessed thinking WILD is the only way, I’d say that if you can get that far without much effort you should keep trying. It’s not much about time, if you were there 45 minutes then just give up and try another time. (btw, swallowing only ruins it if you focus too much on it, which is hard to avoid sometimes, but it’s not the physical act that is the problem)

When you say you felt your hands come out of your body, try imagining they are touching something. This is a great way to enter a LD. Remember to imagine, don’t try to move your hands with your muscles. If you can vividly feel something (try imagining you’re touching a wall or something, maybe one you know so the scene is easier to form…), keep touching and feeling all the details. If you can get that far, you already have an anchor in the dream world, if you don’t lose track of that sense you should stay there. Wait a bit maybe and see if you start seeing or hearing anything, if you don’t you can try to gently imagine those senses too.

There’s this (fantastic, IMO) state when you’re WILD’ing where your physical perceptions and your dream perceptions start separating. My main problem is getting to that state. It’s downhill from there, for me at least, if you know what to do.

If touching something doesn’t work there are some other things you can do, but I’d suggest trying that first if you can get to that state. :smile:

Thank you both. I will try PILD and SSILD. I will also do what mattias has said.


Hey rustidreamer, what does PILD stand for? Where can I read about it? Thanks!

Pild is picture induced lucid dreaming.
I remembered replying to a thread on it in this very “quest for lucidity” forum section. If u can’t find it, then just search it up.

I believe its basically tensing ur muscles then relaxing. Then think about lucid dreaming and lucid dreaming alone. Anything that has to do with it, like RCs and all tht. Forgot the final steps…

[PILD - Picture Induced Lucid dream)
Thats the link to the PILD thread