I need new methods!

I do RCS daily and
ive tried each method for about a week

CAT - (this could be effective)
Auto suggestion
OILD - (should try this)
I also highly recommend HILD & FILD. (they work for me :content:)

Too see a description of any you dont know, search Bendrummin58 in the members list, go on his website, click on software, and take a look at the lucid dreaming digi book.

Any i havent said will be there. Let me know how things go.

EDIT: if your really keen, try MELD. Its hard but will work im sure!
Oh, and… if none of these take your fancy or work then follow one of Bendrummins courses on his site - Infinity was tested on 152 people and each one had atleast one LD in the week.

One week each huh? You could probably stand to try something a little longer than that, coudln’t you? It probably takes more than one week to actually familiarize oneself with a method. I think that when you switch focus from one to another your habits become confused. One week you are trying to accomplish a certain thing, and when you are starting to get it right you switch to a different one. The beneficial thought patterns you have developed the whole week are abandoned, and diminish to make room for a different thought pattern.
You see, learning requires a certain amount of repetition. That’s why you repeat mantras! The more you repeat it, the more easily you will activate the same thoughtpattern.
I’m at a point where it doesn’t make much of a difference if a do a technique or not, I will still have 1-3 LDs per week, on average. All due to my self-indoctrination.

My advice is. Combine the efforts of WILD and MILD! Try to achieve WILD, but try to remind yourself to recognise that you are dreaming in case you just fall asleep.
The reminding work as indoctrination, the wild-meditation serves to make your mind more aware. That is, practise your memory and awareness in whatever guise you find amusing! And keep doing it!!

I recommend CAT. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people and they all seemed to have success fairly quickly.

what is MELD
and CAT?

The LD4all knowledge base has a good list of different techniques, the two you ask about are described there :cool:

Why don’t you use the method that got you your first 3 lucid dreams? :razz:
WBTB/MILD/WILD is really effective too. There’s 3 ways to get lucid in one! It really raises the odds of getting lucid. :happy:

actually 4

2 where from childhood and i just realized i was dreaming
other 2 where WILD but WILDS dreamming isnt as vivid and long as DILD

Cat is very effective Lia

I dont really understand CAT

I haven’t heard of half of those techniques! :eh:

But one variation of WILD you could try is this: when you wake up during the night, open your eyes. Just lay there with your eyes open. You’re supposed to be very sleepy to do this. Just keep your eyes open. Whenever your eyes close (and they will!) just open them again. Keep fighting your eyelids. Eventually you will actually close your eyes for good and open them inside a dream. I don’t know how likely it is for you to enter a ND though…

Good luck :wink:

I’ve heard it before and experienced it myself, WILDs are very vivid. The length is limited by the same factors as a DILD, namely your ability to not wake up and the lenght of the REM period. The difference is that when you WILD you are lucid from the very beginning instead of wasting time not being lucid before you realize you are dreaming. So if you are successful, WILDs should be longer than DILDs.

im going to try this thanks it sounds like it might work :smile:

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hey im going to make a log of what I do to become a Lucid dreamer

Day 1

did 61 points and got a HI no SP
and MIlD about how its easy to lucid dream and ill have one tonight
but fell asleep after about 5 mins

Dream: Very vivid and long

did WBTB-not effective

did NILD- also not effective

what are the points? 61 points? :confused:
also whats NILD?
did you give FILD a try?

I think the mistake people do is let their SC fix itself onto treating LDs as a complex task and then try to MILD, of course it will be hard to consciously implant on the SC having a LD if the SC is convinced its too hard for him.

Autosuggest to yourself throughout the days, not only before you go to bed, every single time you think about LDs, make sure you do in the right way, that way your SC will take it as if you want to have LDs and you will !

Also, how about CAT?

61 points is a relaxation technique shown in EWLD and NILD is nap induced lucid dreaming

Seems a bit like FILD for me. I’d try it, but I never feel THAT tired.

Great log :clap: I dont know if this is best place to keep one, but good luck :cool_laugh:

Lia, you keep saying you dont understand the techniques people are recommending to you…

Why ask if you want to already know the technique? :tongue:

I think you should look all the ones up people have recommended. You never know, you may find the technique that fits you to a tee. :content:

And that keeping your eyes closed DOES sound interesting… ive never heard of that tech before.
/me runs to try it out

mod moved me im going to make a new one in a seperate forum…sigh again