I need some goals to shoot for.

I noticed my lucid dream success rate was much higher when I had a very solid goal of flying. It was something that not only drove me to stay on top of DJ and RC in real life but also somehow made me more aware of dreaming and also allowed me to get used to the feeling of dreams and the feeling of trying to control them by eliminating that big “what do I do now” moment and plunging me right into practicing my dream control.

What I wanna know is what you all think are some good starting points for dreamers. Stuff thats basic enough that it wont take forever to get it down pretty good, but still hard enough that it works you up to being able to do bigger things.

(I realize there are already some threads on what to do while lucid, but this thread is aimed more at beginners so they have a solid foothold to shoot for)

If you can’t think of something you would like to try out in a LD, you might get some ideas from the LD4all Quest. There is a new quest each month, and if you successfully complete it, you will get some nice wings.

Though I suggest coming up with your own goal that is personal to you, sometimes thinking of them is hard. I agree with Paulius, check out the Quests each month and also the Lucid Challenge. It’s great for lucidity. Or, look around in Lucid Adventures, many people have posted cool ideas about what to do while lucid. The possibilities are endless!

Well, you could try passing through walls, or using telekinesis in the dream. There are plenty of things you could try to do, just be creative.

Yeah i definitely agree with magy that it needs to be a personal goal or else the desire wont be enough. Its hard for me to choose one thing to focus on >_<

What I have wanted to do though is to free run, but with more speed and less gravity so I can run up buildings and stuff or speed through a city without actually touching the ground.

Some of my goals for Lucid Dreaming are:
Flying [/]
Imagining where you want to go, open a door and enter [ ]
Talk to some Dream Characters and see how they reply [ ]
Imagine someone you may or may not know and ask them for there opinion on you [ ]
Imagine a Celebrity and have fun :wink: [ ]
Switch bodies with another Dream Character [ ]
Transform into another life form or species [ ]
Use all superhero abilities like in movies or games [ ]

I hope that’s enough to keep you busy and on track to your next LD!
Have Fun :smile:

one thing that might help, and also help in further LD’s. Is a little trick i read about. You have to spawn a candy. or bassically any sweet. this could just by grabing it out of your pocket or by materializing it in your hand. next you have to really believe this is a special sweet, which will help increase your dream control, vividness, and overall experience. it even helps to check up on in online, or call the manufacturers. (all whilst being lucid). anything that helps you become convinced that its going to help you.
next you eat the candy and hope for the best. it can also help in every next LD you have, if you just think about it.

another thing, is trying to do some simple math questions whilst in an LD, this helps activate the logical part of your brain, and this part might give you some ideas of what to do!

hope it helped!