I never dream.

hey, as the title says

i never dream or i dream but can’t remember anything of them.

So i have tried to get lucid dreams often but maybe i should get used to normal dreams before i start to make LD?

I have tried almost every method, WILD, MILD, etc, Hemi-Sync ( think i was close to access a dream, saw a cloud for about 0.5 secound got so excited that i woke up ;(

And my question is what is the best way to increase normal dreams? I wan’t to dream so bad so i have no idea on what to do, ( tried over an year with small brakes)

-Thor1992 that have no clue anymore :meh:

Moved from general lucidness. :dragon:

[Improving Dream Recall)
Read that. Hope you remember more dreams. :grin:

Thanks for reply, i will read that well :smile:

I will get dreams more often :smile: think start reading everything all :smile:

You have just as many dreams as everyone else here, well maybe not exactly but you get the point. Just need to learn to remember them. Start a dream journal, every time you wake up at night (which is at least 3 times) you write down what you just dreamt about, even if its just a few keywords… that way you will remember some more in the morning, and this always trains your mind to remember dreams a lot better.

Dont get lazy :wink:

Everybody Dreams. Its just that your dream recall is bad :happy: