I think I had the old hag as a child

I think I had the “old hag” thing as a child but I can’t remember it.

When ever I try to sleep on my back the ONE reason I can’t is because I always imagine someone sitting on my chest but that’s absurd. But then I started hearing the stories on this forum about the old hag thing and I thought I had it.

Is it possible to experience something as a child, have no memory of it what so ever, yet it’s the reason you’re frightened of back sleeping?

Oh and about SP. I’ve had SP so many times as a teenager I can’t even count. Like I had it 6 times in July alone, I even know how to induce it now. The only thing i do when I have it is I tell my self “I’m having SP, this is normal.” But I never open my eyes when I have it… I never open them until I’m out of it. Why is that?

Oh and here is how I learned how to induce SP. Just think about something that scares you. For me it’s alien abduction. I’d go to sleep thinking about alien abduction and I can’t go to sleep… the only thing is my body goes to sleep but my mind sort of doesnt. about 7 times out of 10 that induces SP for me.

Really interesting. When you induce SP, are you also able to convert it into an LD? How is this done?

I think it’s pretty common to have subconscious connections like the one you have. If my memory serves me right, it’s the amygdala part of your brain that makes such connections. This is a subconscious process and it works pretty randomly, so that you might become happy every time you see a lobster, just because you once were particularly happy when you saw a lobster. You’ll have no recollection of that particular instance, but it nevertheless works.

In your case it might be that you repressed the memory of the hag/succubus and/or SP, but you retained the subconscious connection between fear and being on your back. But since you also imagined someone sitting on your chest, some residue was still there, I guess.

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When I induced SP I never knew about LD

And to be honest I’ve never tried and I’ve know about this site for 4 months. The last time I tried to do a WILD the HS freaked me out so much that I made sure NEVER to try a wild until I can do MILD effieciently.

Last night I had an FA into SP which was an odd experience which I will be posting right now in my other topic.

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