I think I have discovered a new skill of mine!

Well I’m able to do this when I wake up in the morinng and fall back asleep. I can think of something I would like to dream about and then, I fall asleep thinkning of this and I have the dream of that specific subject.

For example this morning I was thinkning about sledding and i had a dream about sledding!

So do any of You know what this is?

That is the technique my mother uses to get her lucid dreams :cool: Have you heard about the technique called VILD? It is when you imagine yourself becoming lucid in a dream scene, and later dream about the same scene and become lucid. It looks like you could do that by taking it one step further. :cool:

BTW, I believe what you are doing is called dream induction.

Oh really I ll have to try that

To make it work should i like put my dreamscene as like a lucid library full of lucid dreaming books?

Is that what You mean?

You just imagine, for example, sledding…and then you imagine doing a RC while sledding and being lucid! There is a topic about it here :cool:

Good luck!

Dream incubation, if I remember well.

lol, yes, that is what i meant.

/me is too sleepy to post

That never works for me. It goes back to when I was little, if I ever saw a scary movie and I was afraid of having nightmares about it, I would just spend a while thinking about nightmares before I went to sleep and I’d never have one. Only works for some people, I guess.

Well, you have to think about it until you fall asleep. Which is actually quite hard.

I find using autosuggestion to do this helps a lot. Doing this until I actually fall asleep almost never works. I just say once of twice to myself, “I’d like to dream about this and that,” and then forget it and go to bed.

What usually works best for me is imagining posting the dream on the net the next day, or telling someone i dreamt about this and that!

Well what I do is when I wake up early in the morining on a weekend (Because You need at least an hour for this) Is that i just see my self doing what I want my dream to be and then I fall back asleep back into that dreamscene. However I dfont become lucid… <_<